Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Barf and Christmas!

I know, what do vomit and the most wonderful time of the year have in common, right? The answer is nothing really, unless you live my life!

Sunday night my youngest wasn't really hungry and didn't feel like eating too much at dinner. She DID decide to have the chocolate cake I had bought that day though. As all were peacefully asleep, she did what she has NEVER, EVER done. She barfed a sweet chocolate delight all over the bed and herself. This is my persnickety kid. The one that hates mess and disorder. The one who brings her lunch home many a day because she couldn't eat due to the fact that other kids at her table are "gross." So, ya. She was not a happy camper.

As you can see by the date on this 'ol blog post, it's now Wednesday. It's been a fun few days, folks! My nephew also got sick all over his bed and his Mom. My sister was sick, my eldest was sick, my husband and I both felt awful. It's been pretty darn disgusting around here. Unlike my kids, my motto when I feel nauseous is to continue to eat. I also tend to eat more. Somehow I've convinced myself that it settles my stomach to have food in it. I know, stick to my day job and stop the self diagnosis.

The sliver of a silver lining in all of this rampant disease has been that my Type A, OCD personality has been satisfied for awhile with the promise of some Christmas shopping completed in SEPTEMBER. You heard that right!

My friend is travelling to New York this weekend for her daughter's 12th birthday. While she's there, she's scoring me some top secret items for my girls. They had requested these items for their "lists" this year, and now I'm saving having them shipped, PLUS, I get to feel smug that I have some gifts checked off. IN SEPTEMBER. Booyah! Thanks Claire!

My husband also went to California a few days this week, and while there managed to pick up a few more exciting gifts that will be tucked away for a cold wintry day. I'm seriously giddy about all of this and the fact that my list is already dwindling and it's still like 25C outside.

Just to keep my seasons and holidays in check and to show I haven't completely lost touch with reality, my family and I are going to hit up a "U Pick" apple orchard this weekend. We plan on picking a bunch (or is it a barrel? A bushel? A crate?) and then coming home and baking up a storm. I say storm because me + baking will certainly be a flurry of sorts. I found a bunch of apple recipes (read:easy) on Pinterest and our plan is to cook together, save some for eatin' and some for freezin'. When Thanksgiving rolls around I can haul out some of my goods and be ahead of the game!

This all goes to show that in every life a little barf must fall, but around the corner will also be a nice keener shopping extravaganza to save the nerdy day.

Or something.

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