Friday, February 26, 2010

Mind Yo' Business

I'm very ticked off as I start writing this, so beware. It's going to be a ranting vent and I don't even care who knows it.

Why, oh why, do people invite you into their problems, asking for opinions and a shoulder, only to turn around and put the mess on you? Seriously?

I've had a stressful few months because of some drama that has been happening around me. It's not even in my own life, directly, but I was pulled into it by the involved parties. Each would come to me separately and ask me a question directly, or ask my opinion. As I am the person I am, I would give it, as honestly and gently as I could do so. Did I get too involved? The answer to that is likely a big, fat YES. Well, especially in light of today's events.

The two parties have begun speaking again. I'm happy for them because they really NEED to be able to get along. However, somehow, though they've made me a part of this whole circus, they've now told me to back off. I should say threatened me to back off.

The exchange was that I should be careful what I say to Party B, because now that they are talking, it WILL get back to Party A. This was said by Party A and I didn't respond. I've been stewing on it now for a few hours though, and I'm ticked off!!!!! Firstly, I have never said anything to Party B that I need to worry about getting repeated. Repeat away! Secondly, are you threatening me? 'Cause......I don't do well with threats. At all.

These two individuals have spent more than one day in my front hall crying and pouring out their hearts to me, and trust me, our relationship is not one where they should really be doing that with me. I've counselled them, I've listened to them, I've empathized with them. They've asked me direct questions about the other, which I've tried to answer as honestly as I could, but with as little given away as I could. I've stressed about their future, what was going to happen next and what they'd ask of me in our next meeting. I've dealt with their ups and downs and changes and twists. I've kept things private that they asked not be relayed.

Then today, this thinly veiled threat???

Don't invite me, no force me, into your crap when I have enough to deal with in my own every day life. Don't lean on me and make demands of me, only to slap me in the face afterwards. Currently, I'm trying to talk myself down from taking drastic action, and to calmly meet Party B later. I'm not very good at that, I usually tend to confront.

So, I write here. My face is warm and I'm getting more pissed by the hour.

That meditation time can't come soon enough. I hope I can keep my tongue in check, and that I can release myself from this whole situation in some way, the sooner the better.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Lingering Nightmares

I have been prone to nightmares my entire life, so much so that as a child, my mom asked my doctor about my having them so frequently and with such intensity. It turns out I didn't just have good 'ol run of the mill nightmares, oh no, that's sissy stuff. For me, it was night terrors. I would scream and thrash and wander and well, just not really be able to get out of the scenario in my head. Since I'm a huge worrier, my doctor said it was likely that I took worries from the day and they turned into nightmares in my sleep. This was as a child!!! Can you imagine my worries, and therefore night terrors, NOW? Yikes is right.

I think it's partly why I'm not much of a sleeper. I'll stay up as late as I possibly can so that when I do close my eyes, I'm really out. I then sleep fitfully for the next few hours, waking up several times. There's no chance those night terrors can plague me with no REM sleep! Ah ha!

However, last night, I must have left my nightmare Kryptonite in my daughters room, because I woke up immersed in my nightmares over and over. It was night terrors all over again. I just couldn't shake the dream. Every time I'd wake up, I'd try to switch my brain to something more positive, and again I'd fall asleep to the same scenes. Sigh.

The problem isn't just the obvious lack of sleep, though of course that's not great either. No, the problem is I can't stop the dream and I can't get out of the funk once awake. It's 9am and I'm still upset about the Groundhog's Day that was my subconscious stream last night. It's a lingering fog that will stealthily creep behind me all day long.

I'm hoping my cure all will help alleviate some of the heaviness enveloping my day. I'm going to head out to the store and get a little TLC from shopping for some gifts. Tonight, I may be doing the late night fatigue dance all over again, but for the daylight hours, it will only be my debit card that will be exhausted!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

To Gloat Or Not To Gloat....That Is The Question

I have a hard time not being right. I admit it. I'm not a total jackass or anything, if I'm wrong I admit it and look further into whatever it is I was discussing. Most times though, I won't force my opinion on someone, but I will let them know what I think and why. Is that wrong? The fact of the matter is, if I'm debating something with you with all of the vigour I can muster, it's usually because I'm pretty certain I know a little something about the topic.

I've had this ongoing discussion or debate, as the case may be over the years, with an individual that DOES truly always think they are right. It's maddening because even when presented cold, hard fact as evidence, they'll find a way to refute. That makes my little redheaded temper boil over a little bit. However, through time and maturity, I've (mostly) learned to just "let it go" and now figure it's just not worth getting into it with them. It's a fruitless endeavour and always ends in frustration.

I also have a crazy memory, so I tend not to forget discussions that took place many moons ago either. I'll remember what I said, what you said, heck even where we were and what we were wearing. I get insulted if someone questions my recall. Oh. No. You. Didn't.

Today, that individual pointed out a new tidbit of information that they had just realized and were discussing what an impact it had made in their mind and their life from here forward. I almost choked on my Cranberry Zinger tea. Their revelation came from something "I" had told them and tried to convince them was truth, years ago. This was something they argued and argued with me about and were certain I was completely wrong. Of course now, they can't remember ME having pointed them in that direction so long ago. Oh, no. This was all their epiphany in recent days.

Sometimes in these types of situations, I struggle with wanting to gloat versus being a little ticked off. I know gloating is never pretty, but it's kind of fun. On the flip side, being ticked off this far off is just useless.

So, I do nothing. I simmer a little bit and come write here, of course, but I don't say anything. I just let them have their moment.

In my head though, it's Gloat City, with a little Smug thrown in for good measure.

Cooking And Snuggling

It's a Tuesday and I have no daycare children here and I had planned a relaxing day of naps and maybe putting some laundry away, and just general laziness. Heck, maybe even shopping! How 'bout THEM apples? Instead, my youngest is home with me today.

She has been getting these mysterious fevers every few weeks. She has no other symptoms and seems otherwise fine, but for these low grade fevers. We're heading to the doctor just to make sure we aren't missing something that just isn't getting killed off for good. I know a boy in her class threw up (sorry to ruin your breakfast) one day in class, and then came back the next day to do it again. So, it could simply be that she's fighting whatever it is that spewed from his lips those days. Then again, maybe not.

So, we have plans. I asked her what she'd like to do today, with the caveat that she HAS to rest quietly in my bed this afternoon with a movie. (She picked Mamma Mia which I'm sure we've seen over a thousand times. I think she partly likes it because she says I look like Meryl Streep and her Dad looks like Pierce Brosnan. He sings like him too. Yowza)

This morning though? We're making a Potato Leek soup together and reading some of her Fairy books. It should keep us entertained, and the soup had to be made anyways.

While my plans got thwarted, I have to say, I kind of like these days when it's just one of my girls and I. We get to snuggle and giggle and I get to play nurse maid, which I'm frankly pretty darn good at doing.

It may not have been what I planned, but turns out, it's even better.

Monday, February 22, 2010

One Of These Things Just Doesn't Belong Here.....

While I generally believe that most moms, no matter where you reside on this planet, want what is best for their children and want better for them, the way we all get there is completely different. I also don't like generalizations, but where I currently reside sometimes slaps me in the face with my umm, unique beliefs.

An example, you ask?

The other night we took our girls to their weekly dance classes. During the classes, we parents generally just sit outside on the folding chairs that are perched all around the waiting room. I usually don't chat much with the other moms, as I have one daughter with me to entertain while she waits for her sister's class to end and hers to begin, plus my husband is there as well.

The other night, the moms were discussing the fact that one child was just back after having had the chicken pox. A few moms jumped in to discuss their child's episode with the illness, and another lamented that her daughter hadn't had it yet! As she was saying she wanted to expose her to someone with the pox, she leaned over in my direction and asked with a chuckle, "Has B(my youngest) had it yet? Maybe we can make them get it together!" My reply had the room almost fall completely silent.

"Umm, nope. I got the vaccine for both of my girls."

"The chicken pox vaccine?? Why would you ever get that? Don't you have to pay for that?" followed "The chicken pox isn't dangerous. I would never bother with the vaccine. It's a harmless childhood disease that got blown out of proportion, just like the H1N1." Several (well, most) moms nodded in agreement.

So, here's my predicament. I'm truly odd man out here. In my hometown, most if not ALL of my friends did the same vaccination schedules as I did, opting to pay the extra for those not covered such as the chicken pox vaccine. Here, it's rare that anyone I know gets any of the "extra" vaccines and they seem truly fearful and misinformed. Heck, many delay the regular vaccine schedule for fear of autism.

I have a big mouth, which I often have to force myself to keep closed. I determined it really wasn't in my best interests at that point to tell a roomful of women why I believe in vaccines or how I diligently research and question medical professionals before coming to a decision. It doesn't mean I'm always right, we won' t know that until some distant future, but it does mean that I try to stay current and proactive in the care and health of my children.

The dreaded follow up questions I feared then began.

"Did you get the H1N1 vaccine? Really? WHY???"

"What about.....what was that other one? Prevnar? Or the Meningitis one?"

My answer didn't seem to help my cause of sticking out like a sore thumb.

"Yes, I answered. I got all of them."

I was met by blank stares and some ogling. The women went back to their chatting and I went back to watching the dancing.

It's likely the last time any of them ask the pariah anything. The good news is, I'm okay with that and comfortable in my "eccentricities." My Mom assures me that there "must be people like you, there." I've yet to find them, at least when it comes to this topic or several others of the parenting variety.

Hockey, anyone?

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Mortifying Moments

My youngest daughter is one of those kids, you know the type, that says whatever she is thinking, LOUDLY, in public. It can result in hysterically funny moments and some not so funny (ie mortifying) moments. She's curbed it somewhat since she's now almost seven and has learned what's cool and not cool to let fly out at the grocery store. It could have been the lasers shooting from my eyes that taught her that lesson, or the talking through my clenched teeth. Ah, the clenched teeth. My kids know it's serious business if Mommy is ruining her expensive veneers.

I remember being out once and it was clear that someone had let some, umm, excess air escape. My daughter and I were just continuing to shop and I hoped she wouldn't say anything about it. I must have jinxed myself, because she then proclaimed, "Did you toot, Mommy?" I started desperately trying to shush her (lasers, clenching) while also feeling my cheeks start to burn. Frankly, you know someone else IS going to think it was me that let rip that toxic stank. I tried to kind of move fast, away from the smell-which of course doesn't make me look guilty in the slightest-all the while telling her in MY loud, outdoor voice, "No, it wasn't me. It's just something stinky in the store, I guess."

I hoped she'd buy that and we'd be in the clear, but oh no, not this kid. "It's not the store, Mommy. It smells like toots. Why would the store smell like toots?" At this point, I'm doing the nervous giggling and moving faster than lightning. I'm pretty sure everyone in the store thought I HAD tooted, well, except the actual perpetrator who was problem killing themselves with laughter.

I could literally go on all day with tales of my woe at having a daughter that has no indoor voice. There were those typical ones, when she was much smaller, like why someone is heavy, or why they need a cane. Those are embarrassing, but I can quietly explain in a very PC way, under my breath. She now knows not to ask things that might hurt someone's feelings or point out their special needs.

Just when I thought we were in the clear, as I said she's almost seven, she threw me for a loop again. This time it was aimed and directed solely my way.

"Mommy, when I'm a lady, will I have boosies as big as yours? Cause yours are REALLY BIG."

You guessed it. So began the lasers and the clenching, coupled with the giggling and red cheeks.

Out of the mouths of babes. Did I really sign on for this?

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Tuning In For Lent

Today is the start of Lent, after the gluttony of Pancake (Shrove) Tuesday yesterday. It's a time that many decide to give something up that has a particular pull on them, until Easter. I know my mother-in-law, for example, has given up desserts a few times over the years.

For me, Lent also signifies a time to turn inward. It's a time to focus on how we are living, and to re-evaluate our spirituality and relationships. I'd rather turn the magnifying glass on myself, than merely give something up for a few weeks, just to turn back to it once there. It's not for me to decide another individuals journey or beliefs though, of course. Lent obviously lends itself to fasting and to repenting. My own journey is about positivity, however, and in that vein, I choose rather to find ways to improve on my path forward.

Over the course of the last few weeks, I've been searching the net for various suggestions on what to do for Lent. One such site had a list, submitted by readers, for something to do each day for the length of the Lenten weeks. I thought there was some great info there and the practice of a new and inspiring activity daily was interesting to me. The suggestions ranged from reading Lenten scripture to having a carbon free day by eating by candlelight. Neither of those are bad ideas for the right person. You can find more from that list, here:

Another site has a daily calendar with a listing of what to give up or fast from, what to pray for, and what to start anew. You can find that one, for your own use, here :

As to me? After much soul searching regarding how I can make Lent truly meaningful for my own needs, I've decided to take some time each day to meditate. My days are often child centered and are harried at best. I move from one task to the next, never more fully conscious than what that next moment holds and where we need to be in a hurry. I collapse into bed with my family asleep around me, and realize I've never stopped to just "be." I'm no martyr, and I know making time for myself is my own responsibility. I'm just not very good at it. As activities and demands mount, I'm more likely to make sure all is carried out without a hitch and that everyone around me has all that they need. My time focused inwards is minimal to nil.

So, for Lent, I've decided to take the time each day, just 10 to 20 minutes, to reset my focus and re-energize my soul. It will most likely help with stress, for sure, but more importantly, I hope it quiets my mind and my heart long enough that I can breathe. In that breath, I am searching for peace, calm and some time to re-align my true priorities. In so doing, I assume I'll be giving up some things by default.

Whether you partake in Lent or not, I think relinquishing bad habits and seeking new affirming ones is never a bad practice to begin. Check out the above ideas and maybe find your own inspiration for one thing you can do today to make a small change, one step at a time.

Or, you could just go eat that dessert! My mother-in-law won't be needing it!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Denial And Enabling

I was watching the show, "Hoarders" on the weekend and many things struck me while glued to the train wreck on my television. Firstly, I cannot believe people live like that, nor that they have to painfully go through each little scrap of paper or old cup to decide if it's a "keep, throw away or donate." I felt their family's frustration as they stood by watching them clear out (sorta) their homes.

My husband came in as I was sitting there in shock, and made the comment that I'm the opposite of that. I'm an anti-hoarder. I said I think it's called being a Purger. I throw things out and give things away regularly. I don't like clutter and knickknacks and well, "stuff." I think that probably still falls under some sort of control or compulsive disorder, but I'd rather that than vermin and droppings. Shudder.

It led me to ponder about the nature of it all, this denial versus enabling.

It's curious to me how one can have an emotional or behavioural problem that is so obvious to everyone around, and yet be in denial about it. I know people in my own life that are the same way and no amount of calling them on it will convince them that they have "issues." The hoarders were saying things like, "Well, I collect things and I just have too much right now." The other excuse I heard was, "It's just not organized in here." Whaaaat??? How can you honestly deny what is so apparently a massive problem?

I know people with many, many social and physical phobias. They won't do certain things or have to do certain things on a timetable, the same every day. They'll deny it's a problem or make excuses for the reasons behind why they behave that way. The denial always leaves me scratching my head.

Yet, it was the family members that seemed to me to be just as big of a problem as the person with the issues. They were also making excuses, going along with the hoarders, living in the house with the mess. The enablers I know in real life are the same. They don't kick their partners butt to help them, to take them out of their circle of rules and lies, but go along with them. They defend the abnormal behaviours. They themselves become embroiled in the cycle.

What is worse? The problem, the denial of said problem, or those that enable it? I don't see how you can recover from a behaviour without acknowledging it, and sometimes you need a kick in the pants to do so. If you love someone, isn't that kind of your job?

I know we all have some sort of behaviour that is slightly odd or off. It could be as simple as that before going to bed, we do a certain routine of checking all the lights are off, that the stove is off and that the door is locked. (ahem) I guess the thing with me is, I could never get away with any truly anti-social or anxious behaviours. I know that the people in my life would never enable it. If anything, they'd tell me off and push me to get over it. Even in times of heartache, I've heard that I need to suck it up, that I need to choose my reaction and my path. I just can't wallow in the crazy. No one in my inner circle would allow that. Uh uh, no way.

Maybe that's part of the key to working through issues. I know part one is personality and I tend to be confrontational with things. I don't live in denial and I usually choose to see the painful truth, even if it's going to hurt like an SOB. I'd always rather pull the Band-Aid quickly than pretend it's not there, or that I don't have any hurts. I can't imagine living in a world where I make excuses for my issues or that I live in a sheltered way because I'm afraid to go out of my comfort zone.

Obviously the second part is surrounding yourself with people who aren't afraid to push you, to challenge you, to get you to take action. If everyone just placates you and agrees with you and pretends the Big Pink Elephant doesn't exist, you'll also never, by nature, confront yourself. Truly, I think people choose others sometimes that WILL allow them to do that, that will make them feel that maybe their issues really aren't that bad. That will deny their existence, even. That will coddle them into complacency.

It's a sad and vicious circle, to be sure. I can't imagine living that way, nor would I ever be allowed to sink that low. I wouldn't allow myself, nor would anyone around me.

There's no denial or enabling here. Thank goodness. Though, every once in awhile, it'd be nice to deny that my need for sparse spaces and no clutter is a control issue or that I'm slightly anal retentive. I'm just neat, right?


Monday, February 15, 2010

What A Lovely Little Weekend

Since many of you chimed in with your thoughts and opinions, via email or comments on the blog, regarding my sleepover dilemma, I thought I should give you a little update about how it all turned out.

My daughter left Saturday afternoon for the party. I had told her (okay, badgered her) to make sure to call me before she went to bed, so that I'd know everything was okay. Well, 10pm came and went. By midnight, I still hadn't heard anything. At this point, I figured that she must have just been having a great time and forgot totally about her 'ol Mom freaking out at home. Then, the phone rang. My daughter had had a great time, but she wanted us to come and pick her up. She said everyone had been asleep since about ten, and she had been lying there for hours and couldn't sleep. Plus, her stomach hurt. After a few moments of going back and forth and my asking if she was "sure" about coming home, my husband left to get her. She said she had fun, she just couldn't sleep and was starting to get anxious about it.

The next morning, her friend called to see if she was okay and to make sure that it was nothing that she had done. How sweet is that? That new friend got a little "thumbs up" in my book. She also asked if my daughter wanted to come back for a bit. So, off my husband went to bring her back. They went skating and worked on a project. She had a great time, and any embarrassment she felt about leaving was erased because of the kindness of her new friend. Win-win.

Friday night we had dressed up all in red and white and headed to our friends next door to watch the Olympic Opening Ceremonies together. I had made dinner for the ten of us and lugged it over. My friend added a salad and we watched and cheered and ooh'ed and aaah'ed. It was a late night, but so much fun. My heart was fairly bursting with Canadian Pride watching it all take place in Vancouver. I loved the poem and the special effects. I loved my kids staying up late to watch it even more. They were truly transfixed and as excited as the adults. Those little moments add up, in my mind, and teach my kids about being proud to live where we do, while also not taking it for granted. Plus, it was just cool to be a part of history happening right before our eyes.

I'm jumping around here, but now that takes us to Sunday, Valentine's Day. I am a big keener with occasions and I like to do something fun if I can, for the kids, but also just for me. I always make a "pink" breakfast for Valentine's. I had set the table with a pink heart tablecloth and had pink and red paper lanterns hanging. I had put the girls gifts (chocolates and their favourite candies, as well as a shirt each) beside their spots. I made some bacon, added some red food colouring to their milk, and made some pink pancakes. The girls were thrilled, as always.

That evening , we were surprising the girls with a special dinner out. There aren't many very nice, or very good, restaurants where we now live. My husband had been out for some dinner meetings several times at a place that is the "fanciest" in town. We decided to spend Valentine's not as a couple, but as a family. I also think the way to teach your children manners and what your expectations are when out, is to actually GO OUT and go to places where they can put what you've taught them into practical use. If you never go anywhere, they never have that experience. That aside, we just thought it would be fun and interesting for all of us. We all got dressed to the nine's and headed out for an early dinner. My youngest was thrilled by the piano playing softly in the corner. My eldest loved the views of the lake, the decor, and the fire burning in the fireplace. My husband and I loved that the restaurant offered to make up whatever we wanted for the girls meals-off the menu or on. They ended up making a custom order just for them. My daughters chose to split a striploin steak, with garlic mashed potatoes and steamed broccoli and green beans. The whole meal was their choice, down to the veggies. They started with their own salad choices as well-Caesar for my youngest, and a Greek Village salad for my eldest. While the music played softly, my husband and I got to enjoy our meals of beef tenderloin with a peppercorn foie gras, with a nice glass of Merlot. My girls behaved beautifully and we had several comments about them from the staff. It truly was a perfect evening and I think we all enjoyed ourselves. My girls felt like Princesses and really, it doesn't get better than that. I felt a little Princessy myself.

When everyone was tucked in their beds, a wonderful weekend behind us, I slipped my husband some "Conversation Hearts" in sequence. The small gestures touch the quietest corners of the heart, and my heart was full when the light of another day was dimmed.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Blog Bustin'

When I started blogging, I just wanted to have an outlet for my feelings, thoughts, ramblings and of course for my writing. As I started, I really loved the opportunities it presented to release a lot of the "stuff" that accumulates daily in my little head.

As I proceeded further along, I started reading more and more blogs from other individuals as well. That's usually a part of my daily routine now, reading my regular blogs and getting a peek into others lives.

However, I also get the "you should increase your readership" line from others and from other bloggers. The other thing I hear is that I should include more photos to make it more "real" and personal.

Here's my thing. I don't necessarily want every Tom, Dick and Harry out there to be able to read about my life and I certainly don't want them seeing my home or my children. Can you say creeeeeeppppy. Maybe I'm just old fashioned but I'm not a big fan of putting all of that out there for the world. I don't mind sharing my life, I quite enjoy it. I do try to keep it non-specific though.

I started thinking about it a little more and while I'm not comfortable with personal photos, maybe I'll send the link to my blog to a few more of my friends on different social networks. If you want to pass it along, feel free as well. I do know that more people read it than are listed in my followers.

I like hearing from people, I like knowing people are enjoying and reading. But I also kind of like knowing who is reading and what type of person they are as well.

Did I mention before that I have control issues?

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Feverish Fumblings

As I'm trying to be in denial about being sick, I keep telling myself I'm just tired or that I slept funny, causing my head and shoulders to ache. Yep, that's why I'm stuffed up and feel my head explode everytime I bend over. I'm not usually a "denial" type of gal, but in this instance, it works. Sorta.

Today I had/have a day off. I'm spending it not by resting and taking care of myself, oh no, who has time for that? Nope, I'm on laundry load number three. Most are folded and now it's time to put away and remake the beds. Yes, I even stripped the beds. This fever stuff is making me delirious, apparently.

Tonight we have to finish up the girls Valentine's cards for their classes and neighbourhood friends. We don't "do" store bought here. I know-we're Valentine's snobs. After dinner and homework and baths and Valentine's, I plan on curling up in bed with a hot cup of green tea and a good book. I'd watch Survivor, but my husband isn't home and wants me to wait for him so we can watch together. Yeah, delayed gratification! Oh well, it's an excuse to actually get some rest. After 9pm that will be jusssst what I need.

Better get back to the grind. I hate remaking the beds. Boo hiss.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Sick In My Head, Sick In My Bed

So, last week I felt so tired it was inexcusable. Really, there was no real reason for it. I should have known then what I know now, and that is that the plague was about to hit me. I guess that's what you get for letting your coughing daughter use your cherry chapstick or for kissing said ill child to feel her warm forehead.

So, now it's me that has been struck. I feel awful, truly. I did a bunch of running around and got the errands done yesterday that I needed to do (my poor husband and his days "off.") Then, as soon as I sat for a moment, it whacked me on the head with a sledgehammer. I started the body aches, and the extreme headache. That was followed by the fatigue and finally by a fever that had me alternately sweating and freezing throughout the night. Greeeat. I felt so tired, but couldn't sleep because of feeling so darn crummy.

I can't lie around today and nap because I have a daycare child coming, but maybe while she naps I'll lie on the couch and moan and groan. That's the only time I have for it, and for feeling sorry for myself. Well, besides the venting I get to do here, to you lucky readers. After that, I have dinner to prepare and the girls have activities tonight.

I hate being sick. Can you tell?

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Menu Planning

Since my menu for this week actually looks pretty awesome, and I managed to buy on sale, check out recipes and get all the ingredients I need without forgetting anything, I thought today's post would just be my menu planning for the week. Let's face it, I know you are all riveted to your seats about this kind of thing. I'm not even being facetious, here. As a Mom, I actually DO like looking at people's menu plans so that I get ideas for my own family.

It's Sunday today, (Superbowl Sunday at that) so before all the craziness starts, we are eating as a family, early. We're having a roasted boneless, skinless turkey breast served with scalloped potatoes and baby carrots, dressing and gravy even! I know, I'm nostalgic for Thanksgiving, apparently.

Monday is our swimming night, but this week I lucked out and don't have any daycare children coming, which means I get a day off! My husband is also off work, so we'll pick the girls up when school ends and again, eat early. I'm throwing a roast in the crockpot with pepperoncini peppers and beef broth, to later make some beef dip sandwiches for dinner, served with a side salad and some sweet potato fries. The recipe for that can be found here:

Tuesday we'll lighten it up a little and go with a broiled haddock with lemon, wild rice and steamed broccoli. It's another night of activity, but fish takes no time at all so I can have it done early. Again.

Wednesdays we're out to dance (I know, this is madness) so I have to get dinner on the table early once more. We'll have a baked ham, with roasted potatoes and butternut squash, and corn. This is my youngest daughters favourite meal, hands down. Both of my girls love ham, actually, Wilbur references aside.

Thursday is FINALLY a night where we have nowhere to be by 6pm (yeehaw), but strangely enough, it's usually the night we kind of have a hodge podge of leftovers. I'll make a salad and my youngest will likely have the ham again, while my oldest will likely have the beef dip again. I may actually throw a shrimp pasta together instead. Or a seafood gumbo. Who knows for this night. It's kind of a wild card! My point for this night is that I have options. Many, many options!

Friday we usually order in, but I'm making turkey hamburgers and a roasted veggie platter.

I'll tell you about the weekend plans a little later on because they are a little special. You know, that Valentine's thing and all.

Happy Eating, and Stay Tuned!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Worrier Me, Worrier You

I read your comments about the sleepover dilemma, and I also talked to friends both via email, facebook and in person. I think I can say, for the first time EVER, "I" am less of a worrier and protective in this situation than some of you! Yeah me! Of course, I'm knocking on wood because I can just see it now. The ONE time that I decide to loosen the apron strings and not be a hovering Mom, something will happen. No, I take it back. Everything, like my husband says, will be just fine.

We've decided to let her go. She'll go a bit late, in time for dinner and cupcakes and the movie. She'll sleepover. She'll hopefully have a blast. The Mom and Dad will both be there.

I feel fine with it, which is surprising for me actually. My daughter is ten, and very confident and strong. I think if she feels anything is "off," she'll call home. Actually, I've instructed her to do so at any time and we'll come get her.

There ya have it. Me. Growing up a little and letting go a little. Keep your fingers crossed!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Conundrum(and could you share your insights ASAP on this, people, please and thank you?)

I was just emailing a friend and was telling her my latest parenting dilemma and asking for her opinion and well, her parenting policy basically, on this issue. The brain wave struck me that I should bring it to my blog and ask all of you for your thoughts as well. Why not use the tools at my disposal, right? Not that I'm calling you guys "tools" or anything. 'Course not.

The only caveat is that I need an answer STAT. So, get those comments in quickly. Please. Pretty Please. HELP.

My oldest daughter was invited to a birthday party next Saturday night. I've been holding on to the invite since Monday. I need to RSVP by umm, tomorrow and I have yet to make up my mind. Yes, I'm waffling.

Here's the thing. I don't know this kid, nor her family, AT ALL. I've never met her, I've never met them. My daughter's school joined with another school in a new building and the birthday girl went to the "other" school that joined. Am I speaking Pig Latin? I feel like I'm confusing this issue even more for you. Anyways, hence why I don't know the kid or her family.

The birthday is for 4pm and it says pizza, cupcakes, movies and a sleepover. The parents were conscientious enough to write that if you want to just come to the party and movies that's fine too. (skip the sleepover part) My daughter REALLY wants to go, yet my other issue (and yes, I have many, in general) is that none of her friends are going or were invited. By friends, I mean the kids from her original school that I know and have met their parents. I guess my daughter has been hanging with these "new kids" and they've taken to her. What can I say? She IS my daughter. "The party don't start til I walk innnnnnnnn..."

I have to call these people and let them know soon. Frankly, I'm already breaking my own RSVP rules. My daughter is ten, and at the age where I'm sure she'd be fine, or know enough to call me to come get her if she wasn't. However, I still don't like just dropping my child off with a great unknown.

So, I'm putting it all in your hands. Your thoughts MAY sway my decision one way or the other. No pressure or anything, tools. I mean, peeps. But, um, could you get on it? I have a deadline to work around!

What would YOU do?

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Terrific Tuesday!

Normally a Tuesday is not a day that gets me excited or anticipatory or well, anything really. It's just a day at the beginning of a week. Today, however, I'm feeling all sorts of productive, I've socialized the morning away, and I have plans for this evening. WOOHOO!

I went over to a friends this morning for a playdate with my two year old daycare child, and her two year old daughter. They played, we chatted. Another Mom came by and we all had lunch together. It's a nice break to the monotony of a normal weekly routine, and it's always good to have some adult conversation!

Before heading over, I threw together the ingredients for a "Sweet Potato and Red Pepper Soup", and set the crock pot. It'll be our dinner tonight, along with some whole wheat buns with a dab of melted goat cheese and fresh basil.

Just to add to the productivity of the day, I came home and FINALLY used up the eight bananas in my freezer, making two big banana bread loaves-one with pecans and one without nuts. (my kids do not like nuts of any shape or form) Amazingly, I still have about 6 more bananas in the freezer. (when will I learn???)

I'm off to Shred on Level 2 and then prepare snack for after Nap Time.

This evening, I'm going out to watch a movie with my girlfriends and eat yummy (healthy!) snacks and sip some white wine.

Really, that's a pretty perfect Tuesday in my world.

Monday, February 1, 2010

I Hate Being Left Hanging

We were told when we were moved, that we'd likely be here about two or three years and then we'd be moved again. I was more than happy to hear that, because my hope was that we'd be moved back "home" again at the end of that time frame.

Well, there have been some rumblings coming down the pipeline that we should hear about our next move in the March/April time frame. That would put us at almost 2.5 years living here, which again falls into our expectations. Whether we find out in March or April, I've already made it clear that my girls and I wouldn't be moving until the school year is over. Last time, we moved mid-year and it was difficult for all involved.

The problem is twofold. One, I hate ambiguity. I just don't do well without a plan. While we are hearing that we should be "ready," we aren't hearing anything concrete, like where or what! That means that my husband isn't sure what his position would be (though it would likely involve a promotion) and we haven't been told WHERE we might be moved. I told my husband that if they are telling him to be ready for that time, they must have some sort of plan outlined. Yes, it may not be definite yet, but I'm sure they have an Option A, B or C. Ummm, could they share that with us, please??? But, no. We're stuck in this holding pattern of "you'll know soon enough." Hello? Have they never dealt with the likes of anyone anal retentive before?

The second thing that is plaguing my thoughts is the location. On the one hand, I'd love to be moved back home. My friends and family are there. All that I know and love is there. On the other hand, it's crazy expensive there to buy a home. We'd be paying a good 100,000+ for what we have now. I've looked slightly outside the city, like 45 mins all around, and we could get a home for a bit less with a bit more yard, but do I really want to move back home to still be "that close" but not quite actually there? Is there any point in that, really? Though, again, the smaller town feeling does now appeal to me too. Sigh.

So, the other part of me kind of hopes it's somewhere more affordable. I looked at PEI and we could have a large home BEACHFRONT for what we'd pay home!!! Really??? It kind of makes it more appealing!

Here's the thing-I just want to know so that I can plan my life. I know from doing this once now, that no matter where we go or where we end up-we'll be fine. We're outgoing, we make friends easily, and we have each other. However, the list maker, analytical organizer in me would like a plan that I can check off and start putting into motion!

Trust me, you are going to be hearing more about this in future. A lot more. I hate being left hanging!!!