Tuesday, November 8, 2011

How Is It November?

We're already in the second week of November, and for the life of me, I can't figure out where the time has gone. We've been in our new house exactly two months now, Halloween has passed and Christmas is coming around the corner.

My kids had a great Halloween, while I continued my current state of being on auto-pilot. For the first time, my eldest went out with friends as her sister and I hit the pavement with their cousins. That felt a little strange, I won't lie! We also attended a family Halloween party with my sister's friends which was a lot of fun.

As November entered, we had my husband traveling, and much of the little things in the house done. We haven't touched any of the bigger jobs, but the decorating is taking shape. I've even done some of my Christmas shopping. My goal is to be finished by the first week in December so I can enjoy that month with friends and family.

As to my head space, I'm not sure where I'm at. I seem to have little motivation for......anything. I'm exhausted most days. I've upped my sleep and some vitamins so I'll give it a month and if there's no change, I'll hit the doctor for some blood work. I'm not exercising, I'm not watching what I eat as stringently, I'm just sort of "blah." I'm not sure if it's emotional or physical or.....so I'm just waiting it out a bit. I won't let it go on forever, no worry there, but I'll give it some time and see if I find my way back to myself.

Hopefully it won't be too long of a journey.


  1. Seriously. Go see the doctor sooner rather than later. It could be something simple and sometimes we get so used to feeling crappy, we don't realize how crappy we feel until we feel good again. And I'm totally not talking from experience. *maybe*

  2. Thanks for the comment Sharon!

    I totally hear what you're saying, and I know you're right. Somehow I manage to procrastinate my stubborn self into not seeking medical help -ever. I'd never allow it for my kids, I'm not sure why I don't give myself the same consideration. But if Sharon advises you to do something....you DO IT! :)