Thursday, December 1, 2011

The Time, It Is A 'Flyin'

I was talking to a neighbour this morning, as we both hurried up the street after dropping our kids at school, about the fact that it's suddenly December 1st. I say suddenly because, really, how is this possible? I guess that as the routines of each day pass, one week transforms into the next and finds us already scrambling for what's looming on the calendar's horizon.

November seemed particularly busy for my clan, with obligations and social events alike. There was even a professional photo shoot (more on that to come) and a weekend away with friends for me. So, obviously it wasn't all rush with no fun!

The heading of "December" on the wall this morning has me grabbing pen and paper and making some lists of food to buy and make, gifts left to purchase (yes, I've already made a good dent) and cards to sign, address and stamp. There are social plans to look forward to, and many work events and later schedules for my husband. All in all December is an exciting, hopeful month but like all the others of late -it's one that seems to zoom by in the blink of lights, decorations, food and deadlines.

If I'm going to get it all done, with time to it back and revel in all that organization, I better get to it!

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