Friday, July 27, 2012

Vacation and Upcoming Plans!

I know you've all been missing me like crazy and wondering where the heck I went, but it's summer and the livin' is loco! I'm totally lying. I had the plague which dragged on forever (I'm STILL coughing!) and then I started my two weeks of vacation with my family.

We did some travelling to see the in laws (haven't seen them since September! Yikes!), we have plans to visit our friends in North Bay, but it looks like a Halifax trip is on the back burner. For now, anyways. There's about 100 different reasons for that decision, but needless to say, the timing just isn't working out for us. We're hoping to still get there sooner than later, and I DO still have my Bluenose marathon registration for May that I had deferred from May 2011! We'll get there, my lovelies! Come hell or high water, one way or another....we'll be there.

Other than working on my sweet tan, I've been doing a lot of swimming laps thanks to my sister's pool, as well as walking. I don't know HOW people run in the heat. Like, at all. While at the in laws I swam, walked a lot, played badminton, jumped waves and "mostly" watched my diet. I didn't lose anything, but good news is, I also didn't gain! I take that as winning.

August is going to go by fast and furious! It's my daughters birthday and my anniversary, but I also have a bunch of physical activity plans-which I'm loving!

I'm taking a Stand Up Paddling course in August which I think will be a lot of fun, but also a big mess. We'll see how shaky I am with the whole balance thing! I also joined a group of women doing runs every Thursday  evening in my neighbourhood.  It will start at 4.5km and increase the distance from there. My goal is to run the whole 5k without stopping (I currently have been doing 15 mins run, 2 mins walk, 15 mins run) and to improve my speed as well. Second to that, I'd like to increase my distance to 10k. One step at a time, I know!

Lastly, I have some goals for the year ahead that will be starting just before my birthday in September and will be continuing throughout my 39th year. I'll tell you all about that as we get a little closer!

I'm SO excited about what's to come....but also trying to just live in the moment and savour every day individually. As my daughter would say, "YOLO!"

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