Sunday, August 26, 2012

The Countdown Is ON!

It's the last week of summer holidays before the frenzy of the school year kicks into high gear once more. I actually pretty much live my life by the school calendar, still, so I get kind of excited for the new year to begin!

After my whirlwind last few weeks, this week seems tame in comparison. I need to take the kids school shopping, so that will require some extra strength Tylenol and a bank loan! Seriously, how is it possible that school hasn't even begun for the year and yet I have notes come in the mail with expectations of dropping almost 200 bucks? No joke. There's bus passes and "voluntary fees" (with the caveat that you don't HAVE to pay them, only if you're child wants to participate in ANY extra-curricular activities. Oh, well, then! Geeze) I usually love getting everything together and labelling it and all of that good stuff, but with a 13 year old, those days are sort of fading. Her needs seem to involve more money and less parental involvement. She also made me buy brown paper lunch bags as anything less is "nerdy."  I learn something new every day!

After the Labour Day weekend, school starts in earnest and everyone is usually tired and grumpy and a little stressed out. "I" won't be because I have BIG PLANS coming up once that pesky week is over. Namely, it's my BIRTHDAY and I'm also going to see Celtic Thunder and Madonna in concert!!! YA BABY! I've wanted to see Celtic Thunder for YEARS and my friend Claire jumped right in with taking me! I can't even believe it, really. She makes me cry-in the best way possible. Then for Madonna, there's NO WAY I'd be going, but my other awesome friend Karen scored tickets for my other besties and I, so the four of us are doing dinner and the concert! I'm so so so stoked for these events!


I have some big ideas for this last year before I turn 40. Things I'd like to do and how I want to spend the year counting down. I'm not positive what my path will look like this year, but I'm taking a hold of my own reins and hoping to steer my own course a little more than I have.

Stay tuned because I'm hoping to revamp the blog as I revamp my life.



  1. I'm excited to continue reading for this next year :).

    I SO wanted to go see Madonna but couldnt get tickets, enjoy the show!!!

    1. Thanks Christy! I'm hoping for some neat ideas and activities to take me to 40! :)

      I'm SO excited for the concert! :)

  2. You're a fellow Virgo! No wonder we think so highly of one another! (Yes, you do think highly of me. *Jedi hand wave*) I turn 36 on the 1st. I am not, however, going to Madonna :( I had tickets in my hot little (online) hands and I released them into the wild for others. I've regretted it ever since. Have an extra good time for me!

    1. The concert (hopefully!) should be a lot of fun! Going with my oldest (not like, in years oldest, but like...well, you know what I mean!) friends! We joked about wearing various "ages" of Madonna fashion. Cone bra, anyone?

      And um...Virgos are the best Zodiac sign. Clearly. We are obvious prime examples! :)