Thursday, August 30, 2012

Running In Colour


I'm totally stoked about this Colour Run coming up in Ottawa on Sept 22nd, 2012. It's at the Rideau Carleton Racetrack, and a TON of my friends are running at various times. Since the venue is a racetrack, and there's a sort of "party" at the end, the venue will be smaller than say, city streets, and the chance that you'll see and be running with your buds, no matter what their "start time"  will be pretty likely. The start times are only 10 minutes apart, so obviously it won't be that impossible to imagine everyone will be caught up or surpass other runners with ease.

I'm doing the run with my family-and we're all really excited to be sharing this activity. We did a trial "family trail run" just to see how a 5k might feel for the kiddos. It was a crazy hot day, but they did great! The teen angst was even in full throttle, and yet, we still made it to the finish! We definitely won't be running the whole thing, but I've already said that skipping, walking,'s all good. This is a fun, silly run to do as a fam, not a serious timed PR.

Of course, the fact that we have lots of friends that are going to be there doing the same should make it all that more entertaining!

I've been trying to get back on the running schedule since the summer has eaten away at it somewhat. Treadmill running is NOT anything remotely the same as outdoors! I'm reminded of this fact every time I zoom out the door hoping to kill my run with the same pace and timing as I do on the treadmill. Umm. No.

My first run in over a month was with a group of women I joined with to meet once a week and put shoes to pavement! We're all at different levels in our running, from newbies to marathoners! The goal was to start at 5k and to increase our distance and endurance each week.

Let me repeat, I hadn't run in over a month. It was hot and humid out. Ew and ew.

I'm one of the speedier runners, my pace is quite quick. That being said, my endurance to maintain said speed and not crap out needs some work. I guess I need to slow down a bit and just try to hang in longer. I walked more intervals than I'd have liked, but I got some great encouragement and tips from one of the ladies that does marathons. I have a month (ish) to get my run I am hoping to do 3 runs a week-whether that's indoors or out (weather dependant) it's going to happen. I'd prefer out because...well, see paragraph #4.

My focus for the day is my family and my friends-all people out for fun and all people that are inspiring and encouraging. Nothing will stop our mojo that day!


  1. I never got around to signing up for it, and now I've been invited to a friend's cottage - so I think I'm going to just see the blog posts and pictures from it. That's fantastic that you are doing it with your family, what a great way to get everyone involved. Good luck!!!

  2. Thanks Chisty! i checked it out over a year + ago, but it was never in Canada. Awhile go, i saw it coming to Canada, but Mtl. I considered doing it there even! When they opened up Canadian dates, i was in! :) My kids are super stoked! Im sure it'll be fun! :)