Wednesday, November 28, 2012

'Tis The Season....

Christmas is a wonderful time of year, but also kind of a nutso one, right? I feel like the time flies by in a harried whirlwind from mid-November until at least end of January! It's mostly good stuff with merry making and kindness and stuff, but as a Mum and the one who "takes care of everything holiday related," it's a little crazy making!

For those of you that sent me emails or posted comments on my last blog post, thank you and I reassure you again-I'm A-OK.  I didn't mean to make anyone question my mental status (well, any more so than usual!) or worry any of you! I'm doing great in so many ways, I'm just always that girl that is on a quest for "more." I also, as I stated, really believe in seeking and searching and evolving, so I'm just trying to figure that piece out as well. I have loads more I want to do and accomplish, and I know what most of it entails, but just not all of it. That's clear as mud, right? Just know I'm on a path and it's an adventure I'm willingly undertaking so don't fret!

Now, back to the merry making.

I embraced November's challenges to try some new things by testing out my gym membership and trying new classes and new equipment. I was frankly terrified at the thought of Pump class (weights with literally 1000 repetitions? Sure, sounds fun!) but I went out and tried and went back some more! I also started some days a week where I'm working in TWO workouts instead of just one. Yesterday, for example, I did a Pump class and then ran 6.5k on snowy sidewalks. THAT was also a  new challenge that made me nervous but it was okay in the end. I guess winter running will be less about speed than it is endurance. I hate the thought of the treadmill but I know it's going to happen. Sigh. I DID manage to break my old 5k time and I'm feeling uber confident that I can totally do it in under 30 minutes come spring. I'm never cocky but there ya go!

I've also been hosting book club, going to Runner's Yoga and Yin, went to a play, travelled to Syracuse with girlfriends where I laughed more than I have in literally years, and been trying to maintain a household and do some holiday shopping and baking.

I have a Wine and Cookie Exchange coming up this Friday evening, a 7.5k run tomorrow night, another run on Sunday morning (8k?) and several holiday social events.

See what I mean when I said I'm all good? It's really nothing a girl can complain about, is it?

December's challenges will entail more classes that scare me (BodyCombat? CXworks?), more cold, snowy runs, and surviving holiday treats and nibbles!

The joy of the season will be giving to families in need with my kids, attending my favourite Church services, spending time with my family and loved ones, cherishing the incredible new and forever friendships and women in my life, brunch with old friends I haven't seen in years, and breathing in the end of one life changing, incredible year.


  1. When do you get to come to spin class with your internet friend Amy? :)

  2. I'm really not avoiding this spinning thing of which you speak. Nope, not at all. *whistle*