Sunday, December 30, 2012

Welcoming in 2013

The year 2012 is coming to a close, and it was a wonderful one on SO many levels. I spent the year doing activities that I'd never done before but that always interested me, I made tons of new friends that share many of my interests and goals (and as a social extrovert, that's all good!), I spent lots of time with my tried and true blue buddies of forever, and I loved every moment of quality time with my family. On top of that, I got to write about it all on the "Losing it in Ottawa" blog, where I heard back from SO many of you about journeys you started on yourselves, or how I'd inspired, or how you just appreciated my writing. Seriously, does it get any better than that? I don't think so! But....I'm hoping it at least continues!

I'm very conscious of what I "put out into the world," and while definitely not perfect, I really strive to make sure not to engage in negativity. If someone chooses to poke digs in my direction, I choose to just let it go. I laugh, and let it roll off of my back. I don't have time for that drama and I'm not letting it in, any more. I've really worked hard on not being so "reactive" and I really take a moment (most of the time!) to feel what I'm feeling, and then release it into the Universe. I know, I'm all Zen and stuff now.

I will be continuing on into 2013 with the same attitude, and continuing to seek whatever comes my way. I, however, believe every year in ushering in the New Year with certain "rules" that add to the Karma of what's to come.
In no certain order, I give you my "Rules for New Years Eve."

1) Spend New Years Eve in contact with people you want to remain in contact with in 2013. If you spend the evening wishing you were elsewhere or doing something else, it sets the tone for the year ahead. I believe in spending the time with people I love, laughing and chatting and having a great time. I spend the day with my kids, talk to them at midnight, and make sure to touch base with everyone that I want to feature prominently in the next year.

2) Eat good food. I believe in eating a fantastic meal so that the year ahead is full of great meals and great times celebrating and sharing.

3) Have a clean house. On New Years Eve day, I make sure my house is cleaned from top to bottom. Starting a New Year with a messy house, in my opinion, is just bad Feng Shui!

4) Have epic sex. Ya, I went there. You HAVE to ring in the New Year in the best way possible! It doesn't have to be EPIC sex...but the idea is to set the tone for the next year and WHY THE HECK NOT?

5)Do what you love. Whether it's an activity for the evening, an outing New Year's Day, or just snuggling your loved ones....The year to come should be FULL of all that you love-people, places, food, activity, love, friends, home and family.

Now, obviously these rules are a little tongue in cheek, especially if you know me and my lack of belief in "Karma" in general. I do, however, think that starting off a year on the right foot is paramount to an ongoing attitude that should be pervasive every single day in your life. The attitude will set the way for your everyday. (but I honestly DO all of the above rules so....ahem)

I read something the other day about choosing a word or catch phrase to be the theme of your year. (I think it was from Sharon DV from YummyMummyClub) My theme for 2012 was "feel the fear and do it anyways!" and I really embraced it with each new challenge. I'm going to keep that momentum going for 2013, but I'm also going to think of a new theme for this New Year.  When I have it, I'll be sure to fill you all in!

For now, enjoy your New Year's Eve and day, drink responsibly, and usher in the beginning of something beautiful! 


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