Sunday, April 14, 2013

Doing It For The Masses Of Fans

I haven't written in a little bit, and I've had a few texts with demands for me to get my butt in gear and write a post. Okay, okay. My audience has spoken. Ahem!

Truthfully, I haven't felt like blogging. Some of the joy of journalling out my thoughts seems to have been robbed from me as of late, but I can't let people down, so you know, here I am. It's lovely to be so adored. Okay, it's my friends and family, but still! It's the thought, people!

I've actually been pretty busy, and enjoying that feeling. April is a very busy social month, and May gets even  more hectic, all in a good way. I can't really complain.

I went out with my favourite girls in the whole wide world to celebrate my friend's 40th birthday. As we sat around the table laughing and talking, we discussed how we certainly don't feel 40ish. Oh, we may have changed looks wise, a little. Our lives may not resemble our 16 year old days, but I had a flash that evening of SO many dinners and times just sitting around with those same girls, laughing and talking and just being ourselves. I came home actually a little verklempt, and it wasn't (solely) the booze talking. I envisioned the past, and I saw the future, and those girls have been a part of if it for more than half of my life, and I hope for the remainder. I'd love to see us at 80 out celebrating and laughing and sharing in all of those life moments that got us to that place. Times change, looks change, situations and jobs may change, but our hearts carry on no matter the outside wrappings and trappings. It feels good to be with people that just accept you for who you are, flaws and foibles and all. Who have seen you irrationally angry or drunk weepy, at your worst moment, or at your best and still choose, repeatedly, to stand by your side. I've had lots of crappy life events, but I've been blessed by fantastic friends. True story. They are all, individually, amazing souls and I'm proud and honoured to be included in their company.

I'm still doing Swordplay classes and other than my typical perfectionist breakdown in the second class, I've been having a GREAT time. The last class we learned all of these cool grappling moves, where you turn your  body and grab the other person's sword and such. Whooo. I was IN THE ZONE. I loved it! I love laughing with my partner, Jay, as well. We are both pretty focused individuals, we repeat the move several times to get it "right" but we also crack each other up in the process. It makes for a very entertaining hour.

I have Swordplay this week, Book Club, volunteering, Run Club and a dental appointment. Plus, several birthdays! It's going to be a whirlwind, but a fantastic one! I like being busy, and I like being surrounded by friends, so for me it's a win/win!

One last thing I'd like to touch on, that may lead into another post down the line. When we were out at dinner, my friend made the comment that "Do you KNOW Tracey, she doesn't like change!" That, generally, is true. Change for me has usually meant something worse was coming up, or I was being taken out of my comfort zone. However, I'd say I've actually been embracing change for quite awhile now. I'm the girl who has moved 3x in 4 years, and made a life and new friends each time. I'm the girl constantly taking on new challenges and activities that scare the poop out of me. I'm the girl meeting new people on the daily, and welcoming them into my life. Change is all around me, and I'm actually antsy now for more to come. I'm still working on the concept of something new and scary each month, leading up to 40. I have one coming up at the end of this month, and just for giggles, I may throw in another. Change and I take some time circling each other in assessment, but we've formed a new sort of understanding. It's one that I hope will take me on many wild adventures and challenges to come.

Turning 40 is around the bend, and I intend to put a lot behind me, and embrace everything before me. It's only just begun.

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  1. Only just begun! and look how amazing it already is...bumps in the road and all :) YAHOOOO :)