Wednesday, December 2, 2009


All of the press lately about Tiger Woods, which started with a simple yet inexplicable early morning car crash, has been over the top. In the beginning, it seemed likely that he either was drinking or that he and his wife had been fighting. Those two scenarios seemed pretty evident in my mind. Now, though, this whole thing has turned not only into a PR nightmare, but into a huge personal disappointment of another fallen "idol."

When women started coming forward, it was easy to dismiss them as gold diggers. Now, however, with voice messages being played, evidence that his company was responsible for flying out the "newest" mistress and women crawling out of the woodwork, it's pretty hard to pretend it's all just gossip and rumour.

The final nail in the coffin, of course, is Tiger's own recently released statement about his "transgressions" and that he has failed personally. Umm. Three plus years of affairs is not a "transgression,'' Mr. Woods.

I don't expect celebrities to be beyond human flaws and failings. If anything, I expect them to be exposed to "more" of whatever it is that they want at the moment. Infidelity in sports and in the celebrity world, as well as the "normal folks" world has been going on for longer than we can even count. Yet, there seemed historically to be a higher moral code or standard that people felt held up to respect. Where did that go?

Our generation, it seems, is very "me" focused in terms of getting what we want, when we want it. I don't even understand why Tiger GOT married if the infidelities have been ongoing since the beginning of his relationship. If you don't want to be committed, why commit? Is it that age old cliche-that he wanted the wifey and children at home, and yet a little something on the side? The Madonna/Whore thing? It seems he picked the perfect wife in that respect. His wife has been a very private person, much like Tiger himself. Could that have been a very conscious decision on his part?

But I digress. Back to what I see in the world around me in terms of a very narcissistic society. Everywhere you look, people of my age (give or take a decade to either side) seem hellbent on doing what they please, when they please. They want what they want RIGHT now, woe to anyone standing in their way. This goes from the workplace to home. The even scarier thing is, we all just seem to cluck our tongues and yet ACCEPT that this is just "the ways things are." Really??? Are we truly okay with the current status quo?

North America has the highest divorce rate in the world. This doesn't even factor in all of the people who choose NOT to get married but just live with each other indefinitely because marriage is "just a piece of paper." What are we saying about the commitment we make then, when we choose to partner with someone, and worse still, bring children into the world? Have we decided that it's truly impossible to be monogamous, or that marriage only lasts as long as it lasts? Oh well? Have we decided that a life long commitment is an impossible dream? It would certainly seem so.

Studies have shown that human beings that are married are healthier and live longer than their single counterparts. I believe that especially as we age into "old age," we do better with a caring partner by our side. As human beings, we NEED each other, and we need someone who can look out for our best interests-in health and in general. As I said, that's not just MY belief. Scientific study backs up my hypothesis.

All of the broken marriages and broken individuals out there are contributing to a breakdown in future society in more ways than one. Their children are being raised in broken homes with role models with broken values. They lose their intact families for step-parent number 1. Then 2. Then however many as we continue to have so many "throw away" relationships with whomever suits our current fancy. What then do you think our children's relationships are going to look like as they grow? Ya. Not pretty. Who do we have to blame? Ourselves.

What about OUR futures? I have a feeling there are going to be a lot of lonely, and alone, senior citizens out there in the years to come. Many who might look back and realize that their "transgressions" for whatever many moments of pleasure, might not have been worth it after all as they die alone.

I used to really like Tiger Woods. He didn't just seem like an incredibly talented golfer, (which he obviously still is!) he seemed like a decent human being. How the mighty have fallen. Yet, I'm not shocked. It seems the norm these days, and that's the most distressing part of all.

It's not about celebrity, or money or fame or wealth. It's an ongoing crisis our society is facing at present. It's a sign of a growing epidemic whose casualties are too young to show the scars.

That's what is truly, disappointing.


  1. I had a lot of respect for him...loved the way he handled himself..a good role model for kids to look up to.......well....not anymore I guess. I think being uber-famous messes with a person's mind. They don't really live in the same world the rest of us do...they kinda live in an alternate universe. Not that it makes what he did okay....just sorta gives some kind of an explanation...IMHO. Actually, if this has been going on for years, I'm surprised it didn't come out sooner.

    I'm sure this will all blow over and within a few weeks everyone will be talking about someone else.

  2. I miss reading your blog everyday!!! I know it's a busy time of year though.