Friday, July 22, 2011

How Am I Gonna Survive?

First off-it's HOT and sticky and muggy and there's no a/c anywhere in this town, apparently. If I'm this gross feeling in 30C, I have no idea how I'm going to survive back in +47C, with humidity. UGh. I mean, I lived there most of my life, and most people go from a/c to a/c but still. I'm not a girl that loves the heat. In fact, I was "due" Aug. 15th and decided not to be born until September. So, ya. I knew even then I wasn't coming out to the hottest summer on record. My Mom says it was the first cool night, and there I arrived. I'm all about Fall, clearly.

Next, house hunting. UGH. Isn't this supposed to be FUN? Every day, as I sip coffee and eat my breakfast, I surf MLS and Grapevine and Property Guys. There are plenty of townhomes for sale at the lower to mid end of our budget. None I really love, but I guess one I could "settle" for if it came to that. There are single homes in the mid to top end of our budget, but again, none that scream, "this is your HOME!" I'm sort of (understatement of the century) a cautious girl, so I'd like to stay lower end and have money for other things like trips and classes and gym memberships and wiggle room, as opposed to higher end with all extra going to the house. The conundrum? I don't want to drop a ton of cash on a house I only "kind of" like, and a big wad of cash at that, for one with a basement that needs finishing and things that need replacing. That seems to be the standard for what's out there right now. Guess people can afford the house, but not to do the basement? Sigh. Anyways, I'm not feeling the house buying love.

Lastly, for some reason, I can't comment back on all the great comments you guys are leaving. It logs me out repeatedly and while I can physically WRITE the comment, I can't POST it. Frustrating. Just so you know, I AM getting them and loving the feedback. Keep it coming!


  1. Saw your blog posted in response the happychix on myfitnesspal. :)

    I felt the same about house hunting - it was stressful. I wanted to love the house we bought but that didn't happen. My husband was different - he had a list of requirements, we found one that met his criteria, and he was happy. Since we didn't have a lot to chose from we went with that. I didn't hate the house mind you, I just wasn't in love.

    We have been in our house for 9 years now and while it is definitely not my dream house, I am content. We did buy a house with an unfinished basement and have done enough to make it useable and comfortable (someday we may actually finish). I do love our location and for that reason I hate the thought of ever moving because I doubt we could find the same combination of almost perfect factors anywhere else. We've put our stamp on this place by now, and it feels like home.

    Long winded way of saying that even if you don't love your new house right away, if you at least like it and see possibilities it is quite possible to make it work. :)

  2. Thanks for the comment and the reassurance! :)

    Like you said, the new house meets many of our requirements so it's totally possible to imagine it with some changes to make it ours! I think it'll take some time to get there...but I'm so tired of moving that I think time may be on our side! (I hope!)