Friday, July 29, 2011

PEI Trippin' and House Huntin'

We went to PEI for 3 days last weekend with my Mom for her first visit to the island. It's a quick drive from here so not very painful at all. We had the dog in tow as well and though she's previously been anxious and a barfer (the dog, not my Mom!!!) she did totally awesome in the car.

While in PEI, we visited the beach twice and swam in the ocean. My youngest proclaimed that the "water tastes like fries!" Um, ya, that's salt honey! We saw one jellyfish, but otherwise the water was like bathwater and we had a great time exploring the beach and collecting shells. Even the pooch was a swimming fiend, going out deep and then coming back to a rock to rest a bit before heading back out.

We also went to Avonlea Village and spent time checking out the old buildings and listening to some great singing and clapping in the Fishing Shanty. My eldest was crushing on the 12 year old boy singing, and the adult dude was pretty cute too. Just sayin'

We stayed in a little cottage that was very clean and comfortable, the only drawback was the bugs were RIDICULOUS. It was so bad you pretty much couldn't sit outdoors at the cottage. My Mom attempted and was eaten alive!

We did some shopping at the Gateway Village and I ate about a pound of mussels in white wine garlic sauce all my myself. Yum-o.

As soon as we got home, I packed my bag for my flight to my new city to do some house hunting. I hate flying with a passion, so I wasn't looking forward to it at all. As in my previous post, I also wasn't looking forward to house hunting either. It was three days of running around like a chicken with my head cut off, but it also involved seeing family and friends which was so amazing and balanced out the stressful times.

One other nice thing was that my friend, who hasn't seen me in a year, commented that I seemed really different to her somehow. She felt like I seemed happier, more positive, more confident. It really made my day to hear that because it's totally how I feel on the inside, and I'm glad it's being reflected externally as well. My other friend had commented that she felt I had "come into my own" this last year and she felt I had changed a lot as well. Again, it felt incredible to hear that echoed by two of my closest peeps. It sounds totally cheesy, but I really do feel like somehow this last year, I've been at a pivotal point in my life and have taken some purposeful strides forward. I'm more "me" than I've been in a long, long time.

We flew home last night, our flight delayed by almost 5 hours making us arrive home after midnight! This morning we put in an offer on a house we saw yesterday. We were going between two homes, one older and almost completed and the other new and with less already done. The good thing with the newer is that it's bigger and we can put our own "stamp" on it in the next few years. So-we'll see how that goes. I'll let you know what happens! Until then-I'm trying not to think about it or talk about it too much cause it's stressin' me out!

Here we are heading into the long weekend and shortly after, we'll be packing up our stuff to head to our new/old city and getting school registrations done and school supply shopping and then, moving into a new home! It's a crazy time ahead, and it's moving at the speed of light!


  1. Awww such wonderful things to hear from friends!! Even though you are leaving us (for now), I think it is very clear that there was most definitely a reason for your year here in Halifax :-)

    lol "the water tastes like fries" lol

  2. Halifax truly is where my heart lies. I KNOW I'll be back....fingers crossed for next summer. :)