Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Ode To Jessica

Dear Jessica,

As I cleaned and sorted today, sweat pouring down my face and hair, my thoughts turned to you and what you might be doing at that very same moment.

Oh, I know you are off having fun with your family. You're probably spending the day swimming in the lake and making sand castles on the beach. In the evening, you're likely making S'mores by a campfire and watching lightning bugs. I know you also mentioned something about riding a Stallion and I bet you do it bareback. You're probably all about the wild buckin' broncos right about now. For all of the above, I'm more than happy for you. You needed days, evenings and nights just. like. that.

I'm sure you're even entertaining the kids every now and then with BOOBIES and thinking about paying psychotherapy bills. I hope beyond hope that you're taking some fantastic planking pictures out there in the crazy woods so that we can somehow share in your adventure. I only want to see the planking and S'more eating pics though, let's be clear.

However, Jess, my days are just not the same without you to talk to by text, on Twitter, on MFP. I don't hear about the yucky bus ride or your work shenanigans or about how you are doing with running. It's not good for me Jessica. Not good at all.

So I'm dedicating this blog post to you today. I've never done this before, so you should feel very, very special. I'm super glad you are off with your family enjoying your time together, as it should be. But I'll also be super glad when you're home to entertain me and make my day that much more fun, silly and happy.

Until then, Ride 'Em Cowgirl......and Welcome Home Soon! :)


  1. OMG this is my favorite blog post EVER!!!
    She is going to fall on the floor laughing when she sees this....I miss her too!!

  2. LMAO! I can't wait til she sees this! :)

  3. I really miss her too. Imagine how much hubby must miss her when he's deployed! The interweb just isn't as "hot and spicy" without her.

  4. Now that I am am finally back home I can properly respond to this lovely ode. I will be honest, I did snort when I read this which I know is totally unlady like and completely unlike me. Not to worry, my friend, I am now back and will do a blog post of my non stallion riding pics soon!

  5. This was honestly my favourite blog post to write. I was cracking up. LOL