Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Stress Bustin'

I've been a basket case of nerves of late, not sure which direction I'm headed or where certain paths are leading. I'm my own worst enemy, I'm well aware, because I'll focus on the issue and turn it over and over in my mind to the point where I'm not sleeping and I'm not eating well and I'm an emotional powder keg.

In an effort to try and diffuse the clutter weighing on my mind, I've been redirecting my brain to my blessings. When life seems overwhelming, it's easy to forget everything that is good and going well. I know that I'm pretty lucky in so many ways, and I need to keep moving forward in gratitude. I can't control other people, I can't control all situations, I can't predict what is to come, and I can't change what has already passed.

One thing that has been keeping a smile on my face is running. Well, I'm not smiling WHILE I'm running, let's not get carried away. However, the running comes with several really great perks, things that for my own spirit are necessary for sanity.

One such surprise is that my husband has stuck with the running and it's something he now does on his own early each morning, but it's also something we're enjoying doing together. We head out and get our sweat on. We don't talk much while running, but there's peace in the huffing and puffing. I still out run him, but I have no doubt that will change sooner than later. I'm just loving sharing those moments with him, separate to the routine and habit of what makes up the every day of a household.

The second is that I'm doing a Couch to 5K program with my friend, Claire. This is a very different run than with my husband, with Claire and I chatting the whole way. We head out to the trails, do our walk/run program and talk about everything under the sun. We laugh, we vent, we gossip. I find that I can spend days in my little bubble of worry, and then I come home from a run with her and I'm laughing and smiling and feeling lighter in general. It's like there's not enough time in the hour or two to discuss everything we'd like-which is a rarity in most friendships.

I don't know where my path is headed, and I worry like a pro, but with friends and loved ones keeping me in check, my soul feels more balanced and my outlook remains more positive.


  1. I'm so proud of you for doing this! The couch to 5 k is a great program and to be able to do it with someone will only encourage you keep doing it. Kudos!

  2. Thanks Sharon! You're so encouraging and I love how you keep supporting! Have I mentioned my girl crush? :)