Friday, June 15, 2012

Father's Day

I'm looking at the above photo of my Dad, and I really still can't believe he's gone. It's surreal to me, probably because I also didn't get to physically be with him near or at the end, nor did I get to attend any final service for him so closure, as you will, didn't really happen.

Anyhoo. I digress.

It's Father's Day this Sunday, and my girls will have a fantastic day with their Dad. My youngest is making something at school for him, and we always let the "Person of the Day" sleep in, and then have breakfast in bed. From there, he'll choose how he wants to spend the remainder of the day and I'm sure it'll look something like swimming and BBQ'ing.

I tell my girls all of the time that they are extremely lucky and blessed to have the Daddy that they do. He's been hands on since Day 1. They go to him with everything and anything, sometimes to his male chagrin. They aren't shy around him, aren't embarrassed to ask him anything, and enjoy time just sitting with him holding his hand.  It makes my heart clench when I think of the relationship they have with him.

My Father/Daughter relationship was much more complicated. That being said, Father's Day was one of those days where I was sure I'd either see or talk to him. We didn't get together that regularly, so knowing I could count on that day was important to me.

My Dad wasn't a bad person, he didn't have ill intent and he wasn't mean.  He was just selfish, I guess, and too wrapped up in his own wants and needs. At the end of the day though, I knew he loved me. On Father's Day, I got that reassurance and his "Hi Sweetie."  How I miss hearing those simple words.

If you're lucky enough to have your Father still in your life this Father's Day, take the time to let him know what he means to you. I will be spending a moment doing the same.


  1. I'm sorry you didn't have closure with your Dad - maybe you can find your own way to have it - a special little ceremony, just the two of you.

    Thank you for the reminder to not take things for granted and tell the people we love, that we love them.

    I love getting the kids excited to spend the day celebrating their dad, my husband, and all he does for us.

  2. Thanks Christy. My siblings and I had planned on doing a little ceremony ourselves, but I think we've now all just tried to work it out in our own hearts and heads.

    My kids are definitely blessed to have the Dad they do-and I think most days they know it. I'm glad you, and your children, have that too! :)