Sunday, July 5, 2009

On Hiatus? Not So Much

The last blog was June 19th. That's a few weeks back! Oops! What can I say? It's been a busy few weeks and here's my excuses to explain my current absenteeism from the blogosphere!

School ended in a whirlwind of open houses, field trips and end of year parties. We also travelled back home for a dental appointment in that week and brought my Mom here with us. She's visiting for awhile, mostly because my daughter begged for her Granny to be here for her birthday. On that note, my eldest daughter turned ten the last week of June. I can't really even fathom that I have a ten year old. A decade has passed? How, and where was I? Oh yes, I was the tired one running about in a state of half frenzy and half stupor! She's a wonderful, beautiful girl and I'm delighted I had any part in bringing her into this world. She's an incredible artist and she explores that medium in various formats; from drawing to painting to sewing to knitting. She's sensitive and intelligent and lately, sarcastic. Most of the time that sarcasm is quite witty and smart though, I have to admit. Even though I put on my stern "Mom face" and tell her to knock it off!

We had a sleepover party replete with meals and snacks galore. She gave each girl a pair of pyjama pants and a hairband and various other loot bag type stuff and had a fabulous time. She got many cool gifts, her favourite I think being a jean jacket she's coveted for over a year now.

We celebrated Canada Day with neighbours and friends, pitching in to make parts of the meal to share. My husband then set off fireworks in the middle of our street, much to the delight of our non-participating neighbours (ie curmudgeons) I'm sure. Oh well! Happy Canada Day! Hope we didn't set off any Pacemakers in the process of our celebrations!

In the middle of all of that celebrating, we also had the last swimming lesson until the fall, had many soccer games (including one in a torrential downpour of rain) and practices. I finished up my Spanish lessons for now, which will also restart at an "intermediate" level in the fall. Uh huh. Look at me, all "Not Beginner" and shiz.

Which leads me up to today. A bittersweet one for Mom. My eldest is gone to camp for the week. Her first time away from home for more than a night. And far away. Three hours away. I can't just nudge my husband to send him to go and get her because this whole sleeping over thing isn't going to work. I pray that she's sleeping and learning and having an all around good time. However, knowing her as I do, I know that she won't sleep well tonight. Maybe not even tomorrow night. But I hope it gets better after that and I hope that she is so tired out from all of her daytime activities (swimming, canoeing, crafts, archery) that she just sleeps easily and peacefully. This is going to be a long week for Mom though. While she hasn't been away for more than a night, I'm also not used to her being away for so long. When you are a bit (cough, sputter) of a protective mother with a natural tendency to like to control situations, it makes it difficult to just "let go." I'm trying though. So, this gives us both a chance to spread our wings a little. She teared up when I left, and I managed to keep it inside until I sat down in the van and closed the door. It was the first day of school all over again. Sigh. So, I may be a bit on edge this week and I'll be counting down the hours, minutes and seconds until she's safely within my grasp once more.

And now we're back to Monday. I'm starting my other daycare child full time this week, so that should keep me on my toes and my mind focused. Other than soccer one night, we should also have a little more freedom in our schedule, which will be nice.

I'll be doing lots of deep breathing and distraction tactics to keep my mind off of worrying. So, consider my "hiatus" over. I need the sanity that venting to all you poor suckers (I mean that in the nicest way possible) provides.

I'll look forward to you all talking me down again tomorrow, please and thank you!


  1. You will be amazed at the confidence and changes that will occur when she returns from camp. Keep yourself busy and the week will go quickly! Meg is now in FL for 12 days visiting my sister. I know when she gets older she will have fond memories of camp and her visit to Auntie's house.

  2. I know you are right Carole! It's me that needs to cut the apron strings a little...but oh I'm so not ready. Will I ever be? :)