Monday, July 6, 2009

Personal Secretary

There are days, in my role as a Mom, that I feel more like a personal secretary for my family. I'm the one booking and confirming appointments, making contacts for play dates, packing and organizing bags for sporting practices or games, even typing up an itemized list for the suitcase going to camp. (in order to maybe get at least half of the clothing returned with the kid!)

Today was no exception. The only thing was that I was making more appointments than in a typical time frame. I called our eye doctor to make our yearly checkups for our eyes. That one is for the whole family. I confirmed our dental appointment for my eldest daughter and a check by the dentist on my younger daughters spacing between her front teeth. They may decide to snip the muscle there, or not. I made yearly physical appointments for the whole family. I made an ultrasound appointment for myself that I've put off for a year. And last but not least, I made a solo appointment for my husband at his doctor.

Most of these appointments are all taking place during the same 2 day period when we travel back home, yes, on our vacation. It seems like a hell of a way to spend time off, but really it's the best time to do it and squeezing it in gets it all over with in one shot. No pun intended.

I've entered the info into my handy dandy calendar on my blackberry and I'm awaiting confirmation on two of the dates and times.

Any calls you need me to make? Anything you need set up? Fresh coffee or your dry cleaning picked up? If not, I'm going to sit here chewing gum and filing my nails.

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