Friday, July 24, 2009

Fleeting Summer Days

Why does summer seem to fly by at breakneck speed, and yet winter takes its' sweet ass time dragging by for what feels like endless chilled days and subarctic nights? And yet, THIS summer, it hasn't even really felt like summer has arrived what with the crappy rainy weather. I keep waiting for it to be hot and sunny with nary a care on the horizon. Not so much.

The last two weeks (ish) have been a blur. My Mom was here visiting for a month and we were busy pretty much on a daily basis. It was good busy though. We went to a wonderful restaurant for lunch for my husband's 40th birthday. We travelled to a little town close by to window shop and browse the antiques. We attended rainy soccer games and visited with neighbours and friends. We enjoyed my Mom's yummy cooking and special meals and treats. She cleaned my silver tea set (yah!) and mended anything and everything that needed sewing. (Have I mentioned I don't "do" sewing?) My husband bought me my first piece of Fire King Jadeite, which I had expressed an interest in collecting.

My eldest came home from camp after a week. She had a great time, but was sick when she got home. We spent three days with her stomach being unwell and then it turned into a stuffy nose. Don't worry-it wasn't swine flu. I checked the symptoms and we were in the clear! The bad news is, then my Mom and I got it and felt horrible for a few days. I ended up getting sick to my stomach, which is just frankly, un-summertime behaviour. I was not impressed.

As of the 20th, we are now on holidays until August 4th. We ventured back "home" for a visit and did our yearly physicals with the doctor. Now THAT'S the way you start a vacation! My eldest also had to have a cavity filled, which she did with no freezing. She pretty much rocks, if I do say so myself. We visited with my sister and her family, all the while celebrating my nephew's 6th birthday and my husband's 40th.

I had organized with my brother in law for a golf day as my husband's surprise. My brother in law would take him golfing and he'd show up to see all of his friends. They'd spend the day golfing and have lunch. Well, it rained. Some of his friends bailed. Some had to work. He still went with those that could and had a great time. While they were gone, my sister and my eldest made a crazy, amazing cake. It was a castle with a dragon and knight. The significance being, "Welcome to the Middle Ages" for my husband. Yes, I'm cruel. But it's funny! We had a family BBQ and the cake and my nephew opened his gifts. While home I had a pedicure, which really is a gift to my husband as well, and saw a few of my best friends. I had dinner with my three best friends and then spent a few hours the next day with my other best gal and her family. All in all, a great trip home.

We're home now for a few days before we head out again. My stomach is still "off" and I'm still pretty tired. I'm trying to catch my second wind for the next round of our holidays. My youngest has her "best friend's" birthday party tomorrow (which is also one of the reasons we came back between trips) and I want to clean the whole house, top to bottom, before heading out again.

We're off to another city to spend three days and sight see, while also visiting my uncle and my cousin. Then, we'll hit the beach for two days and then we're home again for the long weekend.

The above message is my excuse for lack of blogging, and my warning that I may still be MIA for awhile longer yet. Now that you have my itinerary, I hope you understand, and I hope that you, too, are enjoying your own busy, fun, happy holiday time with your loved ones.

And I hope the sun decides it's time to show up for a few weeks!!!

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