Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Contest Capers

I belong to different Internet groups/sites and inevitably, one or all of them run contests. I see a ton of different things they are giving away that I'd love to win, but do I enter? Nope.

I'm super lazy about contests, clearly. I go with interest to the offer, but then I look at the hoops I have to jump through to "maybe" win the prize, and I click away again.

I don't really feel like filling out a hundred answers or doing a survey to win something, but I should. I have a friend that entered every contest going-and she won a ton of cool swag!

So, today. Today is contest day. I'm going RIGHT NOW to enter all of the exciting contests out there that have caught my eye.

Chances of winning? Slim to none! What's the saying though? You can't win if you don't enter!!!

1 comment:

  1. My only problem with a lot of blog contests is that they will not contact the winner. The winner has to read the announcement and contact them. While I agree the point of having these contests is to boost readership...I subscribe to a TON of blogs. I just do not have time to check every single one every single day.

    And once I did win an advanced copy of a book..I was so excited cause it was one I really wanted to read. I contacted the contest host and I never got the book. :(

    Occasionally I will run contests on my blog but I try to contact the winner.