Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Quirky Quirkiness

All of us have our little weird idiosyncrasies. Let's not pretend that we don't. Usually, these are little nuances to our character that don't really make sense, sometimes not even to us. I rarely even think about my "quirks" as it were, unless they are pointed out or questioned. Somehow, answering, "just BECAUSE" is the best response you are going to get from me.

Here, in no particular order, are things that need special mention as some peculiarities of my nature.

-I hate balloons. Hate them. Please stop handing my child a balloon at an event or the dentist's or a party. I pop them as soon as we get home. I throw out the "ready to be blown up" kind. There is just something about the sound, the smell, the choking hazardness of them. I know kids like them. I know my daughters love batting them and chasing them and playing with them. I hate to be a Buzzkill, but I really, sincerely, gnash my teeth when balloons are near. Shudder.

-I don't like bath products, like shampoo or conditioner, on the actual tub ledge. The bathtub has inserts with shelves for a reason. Use them.

-Also, don't leave clothes hanging over the end of the bed or a chair. Put them away, in the laundry basket or hung back up. It takes a second.

-I won't go to bed with dishes in the sink. I like them washed or put in the dishwasher and will stay up that much later to ensure they are in their proper place.

-I never fold a book's page over to mark it. Blasphemy! Use a bookmark or something!

-I like my furniture on angles-not traditional. I'm not sure why, it just "feels better" to me aesthetically.

-I will eat all jelly beans or jujubes but black. The black just go in the trash. Blech.

-Only almond M&M's will do. Don't try to bring me some knock-off chocolate almonds. They just aren't the same.

-I rinse and dry the sink obsessively. I don't like it "wet" looking with watermarks. I have issues, clearly.

-Don't EVER lie on my pillow shams. They're decorative!!!

-I hate whistling and humming. It's like a mosquito constantly buzzing in my ear. Speaking of which......

-I will chase a buzzing mosquito around until I get him. Even if it takes a loooong, looong time.

-I don't like my fingernails painted. It's a very rare occasion that I'll let that happen. Toes? Always. Fingers-just clear please.

-I can only wear jewellery for a short while. I'll wear it out for an occasion or outing, but then I get home and take it off immediately. It feels bothersome or heavy or something. I dunno. Again. Issues.

-I hate when people have gummy smiles. That's horrible, eh? If I see someone smiling and their top gums show, not just their front teeth, I feel all squeamish inside. It's horrible, they should be able to smile how they naturally do, but inside I'm thinking a closed lip smile would be better.

-People who smack when they eat, I may as well get a white jacket as soon as the meal starts. It drives me THAT nuts.

-People that "crack". Please do not crack your knuckles, back, neck in my presence. I think it's totally gross. What's WRONG with you that you can do that, let alone NEED to do it.

I could keep listing these types of things all day. They are just all of the little quirks that make me who I am. Neurotic and OCD and all.

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