Monday, October 18, 2010

Kids= Dropping Lots Of Dough

Holy crap having kids is expensive. I mean, I knew the baby years were almost the death of us with bottles and formula and diapers and all of the equipment (oh, the equipment) but who knew as they got bigger that it would also well....get bigger.

There's always the classes and activities costs. I don't mind that *so* much because I figure they are learning a lifelong skill and getting some physical activity at the same time. However, dancing is not cheap. They need the "proper" shoes, apparently. They also need bodysuits (one won't do) and then the cost of the classes themselves. Thud. We also do swimming lessons, though we haven't signed up here yet. In my mind, swimming lessons are non-negotiable. That's just a skill you NEED to have for safety reasons.

This weekend, I sat at my kitchen table writing cheques yet again for school. I needed cheques for fundraisers and various food and drink days. Yes, I know. I don't HAVE to get them milk. However, for my sanity, I do. It makes it a lot easier for me, I know they are drinking milk and not a juice box, and it's cold and always fresh, not having sat in their lunch all day. I just like getting it, darn it. Same goes for the fundraisers. I don't have to buy anything, but I like to support their school when I can. I try to get the minimum but it all adds up. As I was writing, I went through my cheque book to see all of the cheques yet to come out, all made out to their school. Umm. It was a lot. I mean a few hundred a lot. Thank goodness we only have two kids.

Lastly, the stinkin' children decided to go and grow on me!!! What nerve!!!!! They literally were sporting leggings daily for fear of high tide with their jeans. So, off to shop. We managed to get them each several pairs of pants and a few shirts. We also managed to get their Halloween costumes (what happened to being a Hobo in your Dad's old shirt?) and candy to hand out. Oh ya, and a new booster seat for my seven year old. Yes, she's finally made it to a booster from the 5-pt harness.

Then, sadly for me, we also have to eat. I had to then grab a bunch of groceries. I swear that when I took my debit card out of its little plastic sheath-it sparked a little. The thing was sizzling with use! How come it doesn't see this much action for say, a trip to Greece with my husband? Oh ya. We decided to become responsible parents. What were we thinking?

Luckily, we have nothing currently on the radar spending wise. My bank and my credit will get a much deserved rest for a bit.

Though....I do need to order that desk and those curtains and.........

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  1. And guess what is RIGHT around the got it, C-H-R-I-S-T-M-A-S! UGH! We are going through the *exact* same thing here. I feel like all I have been doing is buy, buy, buy for one reason or another. You would think that wearing uniforms to school would help, but it actually means I have to spend more b/c they can't wear their uni's to play in or on the weekend. Grrrr