Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Library Bliss

In exciting news that makes up my life, my husband and I finally checked out the library and got a library card. That may not thrill you, but oh how it makes MY heart go pitter pat. I did have to laugh at my OCD rearing it's ugly head as I started re-shelving books so that the ones in the same series were all bundled together. I guess my years as a Chapters employee are still coursing through my blood. We came home with 16 books. Now, my daughter and I will get through our 5 each in about 2 weeks. My husband took out three, which I counselled against, because I doubt he'll get through one of them in the 3 weeks. My youngest gets two books a night, or one chapter, so she'll probably read her few over and over.

Within those books, I got some fiction and some non-fiction. I have had the author Francine Rivers recommended to me, so I found some of hers to try. I also loved "The Red Tent" so I found another Anita Diamant title. I also got some meditation and life awakening books.

I'm still not feeling "settled" in our new home, mostly because my life is still topsy turvy. The daily grind is starting to become routine, but I still feel like I'm rushing through the weeks without truly being conscious in them. I also have a lot on my mind with my Dad. He's taken a very serious turn for the worst, and it's currently a waiting game. That occupies my mind most of my day, and frankly, I'm not getting a lot done. Reading is relaxing and non taxing, and books allow me to escape some of the "stuff." My bathrooms aren't feeling the library love, however.

Those meditation books are to help with some of that insanity. I figure if I can take 10 minutes out of each day to just sit and breathe and maybe read a short passage of inspiration, it can't hurt. I'm hoping it's a big help.

I'm currently about 3/4 through one of my books and am ingesting small bits of the meditation book each day.

Nothing brings me more bliss than sitting curled up on the couch, alone late at night when the house is quiet, tea in one hand and a book in the other.

The library has always been one of the best things to happen to me. It's solace in a stressful life storm. It provides hope when dark clouds loom. It teaches and it answers every imaginable question.

The library and it's hallowed halls are almost reverent to me. Books are a world away from all that holds me down or creates an ache in my heart. It fills holes that are left gaping and brings warmth to cold shivers.

Books and the library are my salvation from the ravages life can bring.

What about you? Do you frequent your public library? Do you feel a little high when you do? Or am I the only library nerd among us?

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  1. Love love love the library!! Though these days, I frequent the library website more. Our local library system lends eBooks!