Thursday, August 18, 2011

In Transition

We've made it to our new/old hometown after two full days on the road, eating horrible fast food and sleeping in hotels. It was an "interesting" ride to say the least. Two kids, my Mom, my hubby and I, and our dog. On top of that we had a load of our belongings on top. Driving long distance is never fun, at the best of times, but when everyone is tense and stressed about a move none of us really want to do....well, it's kind of a recipe for disaster. Never the less, we survived and we made it to our destination.

We're staying at my sister's mansion (I joke but...not really) for the next two weeks. She's got a fantastic pool and her kids have been staying home from daycare to hang out with mine. I've literally spent every day outside, all day, with them in the pool. My nephew thinks I'm awesome (and I kinda am! HA!) for doing all the crazy jumps off the diving board that they are doing! It's been a lot of fun and even though it's kids and dogs galore, it's a nice way to transition into our new home in a few weeks.

My husband goes to do the pack and load and final close next week, and then we move into our new place Sept. 1st or 2nd. Once we settle in, it'll be registration for activities for the kids and I, and school prep and all of that good (but chaotic) stuff.

Feelings still feels surreal to me. I don't feel like I really live here, yet. I feel like I'm on another visit. I don't know how others who move back to where they grew up feel but, for me, I really don't want to just step back into what was once my life. I've grown and changed so much in the last four years, I'd say with the most change in the last year, that the life that I once had here is no resemblance to the one I now lead. I'm looking forward to new friendships that reflect those changes, and new activities that I now enjoy. Some friendships may end, others may change and hopefully new ones will grow.

It's hard to explain to people, especially when you've moved back to your hometown, that you aren't ecstatic about the move. My family and I loved Halifax in a way we never imagined we would-I know I've said that 100x already, but it's true. I'm hoping our new "home" will make us as happy, as embraced and accepted, as our old. I pray that this move was a good decision, for all of us.

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  1. Transition sucks. My husband recently made a big job change. So, although we're living in the same place it feels like an entirely new and different life. It's far from easy. Good luck.