Tuesday, February 14, 2012

As Mushy As I Get....

I know everyone and their dog is writing today about Valentine's Day, and well, I'm not going to be any different. I usually like to go the opposite of everyone else, like why I won't own Crocs for example, but today is a special day and I'm taking the time to put my thoughts down like I have a job at Hallmark!

There are a lot, and I mean A LOT, of people out there writing about how they hate Valentine's Day, how it's a  "made up" occasion, how it's a ploy for the card and gift industry to cash in, how we should tell and show our loved ones every day how we feel, and why in general they are the Scrooge's of Love.

You wouldn't think I'd be a big fan of a sappy day that's all about hugging and gushing, but you know what? I love me some Valentine's Day. I have never been a girl who loved getting flowers and chocolates, but I do like a day that reminds us all to tell those we cherish how we feel.

Yes, we should show them every day. Let me compare this to when a loved one has passed away. I know, morbid, but hang on. We should think about and honour our loved ones every day that they're gone from our physical lives too, and not just once a year on the day they died or on their birthday, right? Yet, many people take a moment on those times to light a candle or say a prayer.

Should we not honour those who share our lives day in and day out in the same way? I mean, these are people that put up with our bad moods, with our fears and anxieties, with our physical ailments, and yet STILL manage to find us endearing.

I'm a girl that, according to that "Love Language" book likes to be told how people feel about me or how awesome they think something is that I did. My close second though was in "Acts of Service."  I feel SO appreciated and cared for when my husband or kids go out of their way to do a task for me that I hate just so I don't have to do it (thanks for vacuuming last night!) or think of something I might have mentioned needing and grab it for me. I remind my husband all of the time-they don't call it "Chore Play" for nothin'!  In those daily moments, I definitely feel the love! Do I always express that verbally? No, I don't.

I do show my family, by my own "Acts of Service" every day that they are loved, thought of, cherished and cared for as best that I can. I try to put healthy delicious meals on the table nightly. I keep the house neat and clean and everything easily found for those that have trouble finding.(Ahem)  In little ways, and in some very big ways, my actions show those I love just how deeply my feelings run.

Today, though, is a special day. It's a day that I remember to take those extra moments of thought to put into words how I feel every day-even on days when I'm washing eye makeup off yet another towel (thanks pre-teen!) or tidying up yet another stack of "important papers" (your welcome Miss Organization!) or as simple as buying my husband gravy for his Valentine's gift. It's his most favourite thing, ever, you know!

I made special lunches for my girls with heart shaped sandwiches and red peppers and cheese. I wrote a little note on their napkins and sent them each with pink and chocolate fudge for their class. We'll have a yummy dinner tonight as a family, complete with pink milk. There will be a lot of hugging and plenty of kissing.

I don't "save it" for once a year, but on this day I certainly put myself out there more and truly remember how those in my tightest, closest inner circle have impacted my life, and how my heart swells every single moment that I get to spend in their presence. It's not about expensive cards or fancy dinners out or blingy gifts.

It's taking a pause and thanking my lucky stars that I'm surrounded by Love.

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  1. Ditto to what you just said!
    And a big "LOVE YOU" as icing on the cupcake of friendship!