Monday, February 20, 2012

Smelling The Coffee From Hyperspeed...

I keep repeating the same refrain but dang it-how is life moving so darn fast all of the time now? I have a calendar where I write absolutely every little detail of our scheduled lives, and I can honestly say I don't think I've ever seen it so jam packed with activities, travels and events! Some of that is great, some of it is tedious, and some of it causes a little chaos! I delight in putting a line through the day once we've made it through, just to have one more crazy day checked off my list!

The long weekend was a welcome expanse of time to spend together, but it filled up very quickly as well! A few weeks ago it looked wide open, but then my husband's work came along and added it's two cents, and then my Booty Camp class from Family Day was moved to Saturday and so on and so forth.

Speaking of Booty Camp, going in the morning was a very different experience! I can definitely say I'm not a morning person, at all. Even though it was 930am and I hadn't been drinking the night before, I felt hungover. The sun seemed really bright, my movements felt sluggish, I felt more tired. The camp itself, was as always, totally kick ass. We did some running laps of the gym, some stair running, many, many, many step ups and lunges and squats and skipping and push ups and ......I feel like I can't possibly do one more rep but when I'm all done I feel AMAZING. I feel stronger, healthier and have much better endurance in the six weeks I've been at camp. Actually, the six weeks has changed me more than any other fitness activity I've EVER done. No lie. The next 8 week session is April/May and kind of scares me because it's outside and 500 reps goes to 1000 reps and involves a lot more running, but I was terrified of doing it this time and yet, here I am! I'm hoping we can get 5 ladies to join together for a discount, and maybe a renew discount too?

Now for something totally sweet and surprising! My friend Shirls, that I've never met in person but talk to daily,  pinned a hat on Pinterest and I commented that I loved it! She's super duper crafty and makes really nice things from slippers to hats to dishcloths to you name it! Anyways, she said she wanted to make the hat for me!!! I was totally shocked but super excited! She thought a Kelly green would look great with my hair, and the hat has a shamrock which couldn't be more perfect if you know anything about me! She finished it and mailed it out before she went on vacation and I got it on Friday. Can I just tell you that I was beyond ecstatic? I absolutely LOVE it. I wore it right away and snapped a pic, and wore it again today to the dog park. It's totally ME. I'm not crafty blessed so I always really, really, really appreciate when someone makes me something themselves. I really respect the time and effort that goes into it, and am always awed by the  talent. Thanks Shirl!

The rest of the week is coming up fast and furious and I'm jumping on for the ride!

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