Wednesday, February 8, 2012

February May Be The Shortest Month But....

Word on the street is that February is the shortest month, who knew? I guess because it's so short, it's a requirement for it to be as jam packed with as many bazillion things as possible! I looked at my calendar this morning and felt my heart start to flutter with anxiety!

It's not that there's anything extra special heart palpitating in there, well, unless you count Valentine's Day which of course makes the heart flutter a little. I just threw up in my mouth there with the sweetness of that sentiment. So not me.

Though, Valentine's Day with kids in school does produce some frantic chaos with all of the cards to get ready and a Valentine's dance and such. My eldest has already turned down two boys who have asked her to attend with them in favour of going with her girlfriends. It was a proud Mommy moment as I fawned over her maturity and the fact that she doesn't get all dreamy over stinky boys. This was before I realized that she had chosen that only because the boy she WANTED to ask her hadn't. I still think I'll spin it my way so that I don't have to think about her and boys, at all, ever.

We had some friends in for Superbowl which was a lot of fun. My husband made a huge pot of his yummy Jambalaya, plus we had wings, nachos, chips and nacho dip, cheesies, regular chips and dip and who knows what else. We had 13 people here total and it was a lot of fun, even though most of us didn't really care which of the two teams playing won. I considered it a personal win because I stuck to water and tea and didn't have any of the bad (but oh so good) foods.

We have a few birthday parties this weekend, next weekend we're hoping to see friends from out of town, my eldest is skating on the canal with her class, my youngest is skating on the outdoor rink twice with her class, I'm doing another 4 weeks of  BootyCamp, there's the regular music lessons for both girls with some make up lessons thrown in for good measure and even some travel! I've also seen a great friend for coffee, have a regular weekly coffee/tea date with one of my besties, and am seeing my others besties this Friday night!

It's a jam packed time, which I know will make it fly by! I try not to look too far ahead, but I can't wait for March, so look ahead I am!!!

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