Monday, September 10, 2012

365 Days To 40

It was my birthday yesterday, and I started the year off on exactly the note I had hoped for, wished for and planned.

I started the day with my longest run to date; 6.2km. My husband came with me, which I love. He doesn't like to chat while we run, but there might have been several booty slaps for encouragement. He did 2 miles and then took the route home while I continued on running. Of the 43 minutes I ran, I only walked 2 minutes, after the first 15 minute mark. I again watched my speed, trying to stay in the 11mph range. I felt awesome!

My daughters had made me beautiful artwork and jewellery and my husband also made me a personal gift. My sister and her family brought me a beautiful pink flower which I love! It brings such colour to my mostly white decor!

My Mom came over in the afternoon with her gift to me. She had prepared a whole feast for our family! My favourite: ribs! We also had rice and green and yellow beans and she had made my Granny's chili relish. We topped it off with some bumbleberry crumble. I still have TONS of leftovers too! Mmm mmmm!

The birthday celebrations continue for me all week with the Madonna concert tonight with some of my favourite best gals, tomorrow night I see Celtic Thunder with my soul sista, and another day I'm headed for a pedicure and coffee with my niece. I also have my women's running club Thursday night, which I consider a sort of gift to myself.

Here's the plan for the year, though. I haven't quite got the blog set up as I'd like yet (cause I'm a technological idiot!) but here's what I'm hoping you'll see for the year ahead. Starting RIGHT NOW, this month, and forward for the next 11 months right up to that magical 4-0 birthday, I'll be doing something new every month. Each month I'm hoping to challenge myself with a new task. That could be a new physical challenge, it could be emotional, it could be intellectual, or it might be philanthropic. The idea is that for the next year, I'm approaching 40 with a slew of firsts and dares under my belt. I want to go into the next forty feeling like the best me I possibly can-and what better way than to tackle as many Bucket List, wishes, dreams or fears as I can? I'm hoping to have headings under which I'll write what I'm endeavouring that month so it'll be easier to find. That's in the works and I hope to have it ready in the next week or so.

So, let's jump in right away, shall we?

September I will be doing an item that's been on my Bucket List forever and a day. I'll be running my first ever 5k at the Army Race. I hear it's a very inspiring run, so I think it's the perfect kick-off to this year of living fully and completely.  I warm up with the Colour Run with the fam first-which I think is also a great symbol of what I'd like this year to reflect: fun, fitness, family, friends. The Four F's.

I hope you'll all follow along on this journey with me. I hope it's inspiring to others also a little fearful of chasing their dreams, but knowing that the present is the only time to do so. NOW.

Let's do this thing!


  1. Love it!! Very inspirational and motivating to those of us (ok, me) who is having a hard time getting rid of the summer-lazies. Can't wait to see what each month brings!

  2. Love this post!! I'm turning 40 in 7 months and am trying to figure out how to make it awesome! Can't wait to read about your journey. Good luck with your run. It's amazing!! I would love to do a colour run!