Saturday, September 15, 2012

Best Week EVER!

This has been a whole week of  birthday, and who am I to complain? 

It started off with the Madonna concert and dinner with my friends. The Madonna concert itself was kinda weird. I wanted more old skool songs and to be able to dance and sing out loud, and this was more dark, violent kind of songs and imagery. Not all of it, mind. I just didn't find it enough of the fun. That said, I doubt I'll ever see Madonna in concert again, so it was a once in a lifetime opportunity-especially at the cost! (and we didn't even spend as much as others!) The greatest part of the night? Obviously, seeing my friends. I love hanging out with them, it's always interesting and silly. They've always had my back and sharing our lives for as long as we have, you can just be your crazy self and they get it. I can't imagine starting off my year in any better way than with them.

The next night, my friend Claire and I went to see Celtic Thunder. I've been a fan as long as they've been around, it seems, but seeing them perform has never happened for some reason. When they last toured, I was in the middle of a move. The time before that as well I think. I've watched all their specials and dvd's, I have CD's, I youtube on the regular...well, you get the point. I may or may not also have a gigantic, 15 year old girl crush on Ryan Kelly.

Claire and I were literally giddy as the concert started. This was Claire's gift to me, which is typical Claire. She's just that awesome and I can't say it enough. There is not another person that I would have liked to be at that concert with, because Claire is just as crazy as me, in a more subdued way. As the lights dimmed and the music started, I swear I got teary. What the? The show was great from start to finish, singing along, hooting and hollering (okay, that might have been all me) and basically crushing on Mr. Kelly and the rest of the boys-from the THIRD ROW!

After the concert, Claire and I decided we'd see if we could stalk,  I mean FIND, the tour bus and get an autograph. I'm not a nut case fan, but I'd seen online that many, many fans meet them afterwards, so I knew it wouldn't be *too* out of the norm. As we drove out from the underground parking, we saw the buses. We parked on the side of the road and freaked out for about 5 minutes. I kid you not. We decided to walk over to the bus area and see if anyone was around.

Let me preface this by stating-if you see your crush signing autographs and taking pictures, you MIGHT want to stop, take a breather, and compose yourself before rushing over talking a mile a minute and shaking like a leaf. Oh, my, I embarrass myself. Sigh. I spewed something out about the autograph not being for me, haha, no really....and told him I was happy he was healthy and back (he'd been in hospital in a coma over the summer!) and then...I have no idea what happened. We took a pic together and I died. I was sorta floating outside of my body somewhere. I wish I was joking here.

I look so calm here, no? Don't we look cute together though? No, really!

We got to meet some of the other members (Keith, Emmet, Neil) but I was FREAKING OUT for hours and hours about meeting Ryan. Okay, I'm lying. It was like days. It took some time to come out of my fog like insanity, but I'm back to normal life and not dreaming about what our children would look like. HA! That's not crazy talk at ALL. Nope. 

That was a fantastic, awesome night and I'm pretty sure Claire and I will do it all again sometime. Maybe I'll be more smooth next time. (doubtful) The thing I love about Claire, well one thing, is that she's open to all of these kinds of silly, crazy adventures. I call her my soul sista because we can talk seriously, we can cry, we can lean on each other, but we also do hilarious things that make memories that I'll never forget.

My friends mean the world to me, and while I can't always pay them back with cool concerts and dinners, I always make sure to let them know how much they mean to me, and they know that I'm always here for them, no matter what. 

This is like the longest blog post ever, no? 

My niece took me out on Friday and we had pedicures while we sipped my first Pumpkin Spice latte of the season. We did a little shopping and a little lunching. All in all-my birthday celebrations spread out into a week long event. I can't complain about that!

Somewhere in between the rock star late nights, lack of sleep and booze consumption, I managed Insanity workouts (Month 2 restart from where I left off!) and three 5k runs, one in the pouring rain. I'm pretty happy to report that I no longer have to do walking intervals and just run the 5k (and more!) without stopping. I've also made it in under 35 minutes. I'm not sure how it will be on race day (I've heard not to count on a fast pace because there are SO many people) but either way I'm feeling stoked.  When I run now, I'm not out of breath, I can chat the whole way, I sprint the last 1/2 mile. I just feel in the zone. 

As you can probably tell, I had an AMAZING start to this new year. I have so much on the go and so much to look forward to that I can't wait to just keep going. Not every week might look like this week, and a little emotional rain may fall, but I feel happier, stronger and more at peace with myself than I ever have before. 

I've got a lot of plans for the future, and it's just up to me now to make them happen.

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  1. Sounds like a perfect week to me! And I agree on all things related to friends - I have no idea how I would get through life without my girlfriends!