Friday, September 7, 2012

Runnin' High

I know, ANOTHER post about running. Well, I'm floating above Cloud 9 somewhere so please just humour me!

Last night was my weekly running group and we were aiming for 5.5k. The last run I did with the group was CRAP and the run I did Monday on my own left me feeling underwhelmed.

I wore different sneakers for the run last night. I didn't eat dinner before going out. It was cooler outside than the previous steamy nights. I also promised myself I'd set my pace a bit slower and try to pace myself better.

I set my Nike App and the run began. I had to keep metering my pace. I typically naturally run around 10 something, and I was going to try to stay around 11 something pace wise. Right away, too fast. I slowed a bit. That was pretty much the refrain of the run.

I don't know what component of the above made the difference, or if it was the combination of them, but I had my BEST RUN TO DATE. I had planned on a 10:1 ratio but once I got to the 10 minute mark I still felt awesome so I kept going. By 15 minutes, I STILL felt great but decided I should probably take a minute or two to walk.

Once I started running again, I just kept going and going. I didn't feel tired, I wasn't really winded, I was still talking, no huffing and puffing. I got a small stitch in my side at one point but tried some breathing techniques and it was gone. I ran the rest of the 5.5k with no walking stops.

I finished 5k at 35 minutes (that was including my 2 minutes of walking time!) and 5.5k at 40 minutes! As we neared the end of the run, I honestly felt like I still had gas in the tank. If I had walked another minute or two, I wonder how far I could have gone?

Now, I realize not every run is going to be that good. I know some days will stink and I'll be mad at myself. But this time? I literally got back to our meeting place fist pumping myself! I was totally stoked and that feeling remained all night.

In fact, when I woke up this morning, I was still smiling thinking about it. I was also thinking about the possibility of me doing a 10k at some point.

ME! A 10K!

Next week we do 5.5k again, and then we move up to 6k. I'm so excited about it, I feel like going out right now and trying!

That running bug is BACK!!!!


  1. I can feel you beaming from here and it's totally contagious! So happy for you! Of anyone I know you can absolutely do a 10K! You've inspired me once again... off to lace up my shoes! Thanks for sharing the running bug! ;)

    1. Thanks Anonymous! I love the feeling of inspiring ANYBODY! I'm glad it inspired you to lace up!

  2. I can only dream about a 35 minute 5 k right now! :) Mine are more like 40 to 50 minutes, depending on how good a run it is.

    But, I know eventually, if I want it, it will happen. Way to go! The runs where you wish you could keep going are the best. Part of me wonders if I couldn't have pushed harder, but part of me is also elated that I'm not dragging and gaspy! Progress, right?

    1. It will definitely happen! We all start somewhere, with that first step! I've had many, many, many ugly runs! It's getting better and while I'm not running a marathon, for me it feels like it is! We got this! :)