Monday, February 25, 2013

And I Feel FINE.....

I woke up yesterday with plans to do a nice, easy, half walk and half run 5k. I thought that if my back felt better I'd "maybe" consider doing up to 7k with the walk breaks. I didn't want to push it since it had literally been a day, in total, that my back felt better but I also felt super antsy and ready to DO THIS THING.

My run partner was Christy, who I know "online" but have never met in real life. She was up for 5k and hadn't run in awhile.  That to say, she did the half on race weekend last May, and is a spinning and cross circuit'ing fiend.

We set off and found a good pace pretty quickly. It didn't feel like I was pushing it, but it didn't feel like I was being "easy" either. Usually I stop my Nike app at stoplights and such to get a more accurate time, but I didn't want to bother with that on a day I was just focusing on testing out my back. I let it go as we waited for lights and traffic, and while we crossed streets and such.

We got halfway to 5k and I asked Christy if she wanted to turn around and head back. She said she was feeling good and wouldn't be opposed to continuing on. I was feeling totally back in my element, and knew I could keep going as well. So, keep going we did.

It was a mild day out and we just chatted non-stop. Those are the kind of runs I love! You are running along but it's like you aren't even really aware that you're exercising, because you're just socially enjoying the moment and the company.

As we got back to our meet up point, I looked at my app. We'd done 6.34miles (over 10k) in 1:09, and that was including all the stops and crosses where I hadn't paused! Not bad for the first foray after a week off with the back injury. It also quelled my fears after feeling like 7k was strenuous in Florida. (dang heat. We are just NOT compatible!)

I got home feeling elated and like I was back on my game.

I made a plan then and there for my workouts for the next few months, at least getting me through Spring. I'll be doing 3 runs a week of various types. On alternate days, I'll be doing strength training (today I did arms) and also in there-I'll be trying some new and fun work to shock the 'ol metabolism, like spinning.

I'm feeling the old mojo shaking off the winter dust and rising from it's snowy slumber!


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