Saturday, February 23, 2013

Back In The Saddle....

Today has been an interesting day, to say the least. Not so much in the "Hey, I did really cool and awesome stuff" because the truth is, I've pretty much done nothing but laundry, but in the "I wonder what this says about me" way.

My back is still not 100% and it's starting (okay, started on Day 1 actually) to really frustrate the crap out of me. I've tried massage, heat, Epsom salt baths, ice, stretching and finally resorted to muscle relaxants. The first muscle relaxant made me look like a junkie. I was literally shaking, jittery, my heart was pounding out of my chest, I was sweating and felt like I might throw up. So, needless to say, I didn't take THAT again.

Last night, after a recommendation from the pharmacist, I tried a Naproxen instead. I still got the weird jittery feeling, but much less than the first time, and I passed out cold, but other than that it seems to have helped a little. I'm going to try taking another tonight and hope and pray I wake up feeling like my old self.

By old self, I mean young self, because right now I feel about 80 years old. I don't even have a cool story to go with this wretched back. I slept on the floor on an air mattress for a week, then sat cramped in a plane followed by cramped in a car. That's just not cool, yo.

I even tried walking for an hour on the treadmill the other day when the thought of poking myself in the eye with hot tweezers sounded more appealing than laying around for one more minute. That was not so good either. I could feel each step jarring my back. Sigh.

What do you do, if you're me, and you've been sitting on the back burner for a week? You make plans. Big ones.

I have Book Club plans on Tuesday night. (more about this book to come!) On Friday night I have a "Girls Night In" with my injured (like, surgery required injured!) friend and cohorts, and on Sunday? I signed up for Pole Dancing classes. I'm not joking.

Did I mention I'm also going out with run club tomorrow? I cannot sit here any longer. Don't worry though (Alison! I know you will worry about me on this!) I have plans to do a shorter distance than the 12k planned, and I'll be walk/running, or even just walking if my back is total garbage. It won't be though! (please, please, please be better!)

So, in the span of the last day, I've signed up for Pole Dancing and a HALF MARATHON. Yes, yes, I did. I think my current activity plans for the month of March say something intriguing about who I am as a person.

-Sword Play classes
-Pole Dancing Classes
-Book Club
-Wine Club
-Girls Night In

It says I'm well rounded, right? Tough, sexy, nerdy, friendly, and a drunk?  I mean, cultured. Yes, that's what it says. Well, maybe crazy and delusional.

I'm okay with all of the above.

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