Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Gut Rot and Curveballs

Before we left on our vacay, I was feeling kind of "off" for about a week. That culminated in the purging just before we left for our first leg of the trip. I generally didn't feel great that whole week. By week two, I felt "mostly" better, but my stomach was still pretty sore at night, and bloated.

I tell you these things so that you realize that I, too, am human. Yes folks, I'm not the Superhuman, Perfect Specimen you've formed in your minds from reading my blog. Ahem.

So, here we are on Week 3 of feeling like complete and utter uselessness. I'm exhausted literally from sun up to sun down. It doesn't matter if I get the recommended hours of sleep or not. By late afternoon to early evening, my stomach is "off" again and I spend the time from then until blessed sleep rolling around clutching my belly. Something is not right in tummy land. I just wish I felt normal, dagnabbit!

I'm back to work, and having my own two here, who simply do not understand or appreciate the peaceful calm that is "Quiet Time." It hasn't been so peaceful, nor has it been so calm. So, on top of that bliss, by days end I'm feeling rotten and just want to put myself out of my misery.

I'm hoping that by this time next week I'm feeling brand spanking new and up to my old tricks again. I kind of need to be! I have a 6 year olds birthday to plan, a 13th wedding anniversary, my Mom coming back to visit, getting prepared for back to school (ie shopping and tidying stuff that is still hanging around from LAST year) and whatever other curve balls Life decides to throw my way. And oh, Life will. It never fails.

I just think that maybe, Life, I'm due for some good news curve balls heading my way. How about that? Or maybe just take away the constant bloat. It's not a good look when you're Superhuman. And it's hard to fit into the tights.


  1. OK, I'm going to be the one who asks the OBVIOUS question and I hate it when people ask me just because I'm sick, aren't preggers, are you?? It all sounds very similar to how I was for both girls.

  2. LOL Absolutely not a chance! :) But ya, I got a bit worried there for a bit! LOL

  3. Whew!!! :o) Healthy vibes coming to ya!