Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Weighty Matters

I've been struggling with my weight, it seems, since the time I had my children. It's an ongoing process and to say that it's frustrating is truly minimizing the challenge.

As a kid, I could eat whatever I wanted. And I've always been a good eater. I was the kid that liked almost everything. When my Mom married my Stepfather, he wanted us to drink a bag (1L)of milk a day. I had nooo problem doing so! During my teen years, I still wasn't heavy, somehow, except for one year when I gained some weight and then had a growth spurt. When I met my husband, I was the slimmest I had ever been. (and ever HAVE been needless to say)

And now, I have been gaining and losing the same 10-15lbs over and over again. And I want to lose more like 20-25. About a year ago, I lost 15 lbs and it looked like more because of all of the working out I was doing. And then summer came, and I got lazy and ate whatever I felt like eating and indulged a little too many times. I'm definitely a "foodie" at heart. I love cooking. If I go to a function, my first thought is to check the menu. Needless to say, the 15 lbs are back.

So, after this busy week of back to school and adjusting to the "new" routine, I'm back at it. Each time, I say this will be the last time. Hopefully, something in my brain will keep me plugging away until I reach my goal. And then stay there once I've hit it!

I had been working out hard with weight lifting and cardio. I'm someone who makes bulky muscle pretty quickly, and I even kind of like that look, though most girls don't. I was lifting quite heavy weights (like 200 lbs on the leg press) and my muscles were looking good! But I think this time I'm going to focus on "leaning" out.

My schedule this year, what with the home daycare started up again, won't allow me as much gym time so I'll be doing most of my working out at home. I have a good treadmill and some light weights. I have Pilates and Yoga dvd's, as well as a Zumba one and the Jillian Micheals ones. My plan is to get up early (yuck) and run for 30 mins on my treadmill. Then I'll do a Jillian Micheals dvd which is 20 mins. I'll do some Pilates or Yoga later on in the day, or before bed.

On top of that, the plan is to eat as clean as possible. I'm going to have to be very organized for meals, and tell my husband to stop buying me my "favourites." He does it to treat me, but my butt isn't thanking him. I also plan on keeping a food journal.

I'll try to keep you updated on my progress as well. This is really just a selfish way for me to be accountable to someone other than myself.

Let me know what has worked for you, what tips you have, and any thoughts! All is welcome! And if any of you want to do this together, that would be great as well!

Let's hope this time is truly the LAST time I have to make this journey.


  1. Again...we're so much alike. I never ever had a problem with my weight until the last two years. Apparently I like my wine and cheese too much. I've begun entering everything I eat into and it helps hold me accountable. I'm working hard to be more consistent about going to the gym or working out at home if I can't get there. My favorite class is BodyFlow. It's fabulous for lean muscle development.

    Anyway, I'll cheer for you if you cheer for me. Deal?

  2. I don't think I'd follow my own advice since I haven't been able to reach my goals and I seem to start a new diet every other Monday. I will tell you what I'm doing right now though and will let you know how it turns out.

    I believe that weight is controlled by diet and form (tone) and fitness is controlled by exercise.

    My newest lifestyle habit is buying and eating "real" food. Meaning food that is not processed, refined or packaged. (ie: lots of fruits and veggies, eggs, grains,beans, whole grain products etc) I've cut back completely on everything plastic at the grocery store and it helps with what we have on hand at home to make. I've started a food log, cut snacks down in size and still try to eat a balance of protein / carbs and good fats with every meal.

    As for exercise, I'm going to come right out and say that initially, I don't think it really matters what you do, whether it be a class or a run or weights as long as it's incorporated into your everyday lifestyle, as long as your body is moving.

    My motto these days is control the diet, fit in the exercise. Diet and exercise, sounds so simple, doesn't it? It's frigg'n hard and a complete challenge but once the new habits are formed, results will follow. There is no quick-fix. Never has been, never will be. Control the diet, fit in the exercise. Come on....chant with me.....ummmmmmmm.

    I'll cheer for you if you cheer for me also!!!!