Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Found My Way Back Out Of The Hole!

Well, I've finally clawed my way back out of the debris left by "pack up your life and change everything in two months!" Ya, it's been fun. This blog post, also, may not be fun. It's been almost a month, a huge month, so I'll catch you up on this ride I've been taking to "Insanity Junction."

Shortly after my last blog post, which was my youngest's birthday post, our house was sold and we packed up some meager belongings (okay, enough to fit like 6 suitcases but in the grand scheme of day to day living and back to school going-that ain't a lot!) and hit the road. It took us three days, two hotel nights and much yelling, pulling over at rest stops, and eating crappy food, but we made it to our new home, several provinces away.

We are living in temporary accommodations, but these are no crappy digs! There's a pool, a hot tub, swanky restaurants and pubs all around, and it's ocean side. You can't really complain. The bad part is, it's not a "home." We don't have any of our "stuff" (except the suitcases of "must haves" that is) and to take the dog out is annoying with an elevator ride and tons of people stopping to pet her. It's got most of the amenities of a home, but just not the comfort or the smells and colours and textures that make up our life.

My girls started school, which is going well. It's a bit of a tightrope act trying to figure out curriculum and where they are at compared to what they did at their old school. They've made friends, been invited to birthdays already, joined clubs and groups, and have had field trips planned. Next week will start the crazy planning for their other activities-dancing and swimming and theatre classes. Once we get into a groove of a daily routine, then get into our new home, I think we'll all feel a bit more settled.

As to me? It's all a bit strange. We're all taken with the city, it's culture, it's beauty, it's amenities. I feel like we're on vacation though. An extended vacation of sorts. While everyone else has new jobs and new schools to keep them busy-I'm just sort of here. I don't have a house to clean and keep up-there is someone that does that for me. I walk the dog several times a day, but that gets old and is kind of lonely. I'm someone that likes the company of others, but also has a tendency to isolate if I'm allowed to do so, or wary of change. I could go shopping and check out stores, but I did that a few days and really-I'm not a huge shopper. It's only a few weeks away til our move in date, and I'm looking forward to that because I'll also be busy setting up a new home, finding new places for old things, buying new things, painting and organizing. As you've heard before, nothing makes me happier than organizing!

We've gone on tour groups here, checked out farmer's markets, looked in shops, eaten at many "signature" restaurants, gorged on seafood, gorged on sweets, gorged on wine. Did I mention my expanding waistline? Ya, that's got to start disappearing in a workout routine too! We've hiked historic forts, threw rocks in the ocean, discovered starfish.

I feel like this move has changed so much in our lives. I'm not really decided yet in what ways or how it will manifest itself, but like the move before, it's paramount that we start making this home and making a life here. The sooner we get involved and socially active, the sooner we'll feel like we can't imagine leaving. Our families and friends are farther away, so hopefully we also have amazing visits to boost our spirits and keep us moving steadily forward. That's all we can do-keep moving one foot in front of the other forward. My legs are swinging those steps, but my arms are behind my back with my fingers crossed tightly. I'm wishing on happiness, health, energy, acceptance, contentment and peace.

It's a new province, a new home, a new job, and a new "us."

The adventure is just beginning.......

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  1. Wow... Looks like I've jumped into reading your blog in the midst of a major state of flux! This could be a good thing. I mean, think of how much I can amuse you with my comments! Think of how much time you'll spend hitting the "refresh" button on your browser repeatedly while you wait to see if I've written something new and witty! ... Okay, I tried. But I promise to come back and keep track of your exciting new adventure. Until then, take up latte tasting. That's what I'd do in a new city-- but I don't have a problem or anything,