Monday, September 27, 2010

Where's MY Employee Of The Month Award?

I've lamented this topic many times, both in the blog and just in my head. Lather. Rinse. Repeat. It's something that irks me and as I'm an analytical, detail person, it bothers me that there is no real solution. I mean, I can keep talking about it here, there and everywhere, but it's not changin' a thing.

When you work outside of the home, whether it be a big corporation or McD's, you get recognition. For some companies, that may come as a plaque on the wall saying that you are the Employee Of The Month. For others, it may mean a free trip on them to Mexico. Heck, maybe it's just some free fries with that!

When you stay home, well, not so much. I've written before about being a "Stay At Home Mom." I've written about the real human need for appreciation, for feeling needed. I guess this is an off shoot of all of that. Unfortunately, those topics and needs can't be rolled up in a tiny, perfect bundle and just swept under the rug. It's a problem, 'yo!

In the workforce, depending on your personality, you work towards a goal. Most individuals like to hear how they are doing on that path. Let's call it a performance review. If you do well, you get some dandy take home prizes. Maybe you get a raise! Maybe you get stock shares! Maybe you get the respect of your peers or a promotion even! Maybe you get something smaller but more tangible-like a gift certificate to a fancy restaurant. Usually, included in all of this are also the words of praise that you are doing great, or improving, or that you are an asset to the team.

As a stay at home mom, you get none of that. Okay, okay. You get the satisfaction of seeing your children grow up to be wonderful human beings. You get to see them do well socially and in school. I would argue that these are even bigger "prizes" and in the long run are more important to society as a whole. It DOES feel great to know that a HUGE part of that is because of little 'ol YOU. I appreciate that.

But, some part of me always feels a little taken for granted. It's just assumed that laundry will always be done and that clean clothes are always available. My family doesn't know what it's like to have a messy house with stuff everywhere, or unmade, unclean beds. They are used to things flowing in a certain routine, consistent pattern. They assume that's just how the days go. They don't see me, behind the curtain, pulling the strings and cuing them for the next act!

I don't need hearts and flowers and rainbows and smoke up my.......I don't want that either. It would occasionally be nice, however, to get a great performance review. I'd love to be given the respect of my peers and the honour of being recognized as a vital, daily part of what makes this corporation run smoothly, efficiently and happily.

That doesn't need to be a trip to Mexico or a gift certificate to a fine dining establishment. An imaginary plaque on the wall that is kept at the forefront of my family's minds though? I wouldn't turn that down.

I'll take a daily good review, some praise, and maybe a side of fries with that shake.

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