Monday, September 20, 2010

Reigning It In

I feel like my life as of late, okay as of forever, is a constant tug of war battle of "health" vs "caution to the wind." I feel like I go through these spurts of being on a super healthy track and then suddenly, for weeks on end, I'm a sloth that guzzles Party Mix and sleeps five hours(if that) a night.

Oh, I'm no idiot. (contrary to popular belief!) I know that my eating habits are tied to my emotional habits. When I'm either in a very good place, or when I'm trying to "prove something," my eating and sleeping and lifestyle habits are exemplary. When I'm in a down place, I hover at the bottom of the food chain. Literally.

When we found out that we were moving, I spent long days cleaning and painting and fixing. I would get up and grab a coffee and start working. I'd often forget about meals or just grab something little or fast, on the go. I'd collapse into bed at a reasonable time and sleep like the dead. Food was the last thing on my priority list.

Then, when the move date arrived, we started our road trip. For some odd reason, that opened up indulging in whatever was fastest, easiest, and not necessarily healthiest. I sleep horribly away from home, so that was an issue as well. I found myself in new surroundings with two kids and a dog all day, and the munchies left a permanent butt dent in my sofa. My waistline and my skin have paid the price.

I make deals with myself, the latest being that I'll "get back on track" once we are in our new home. So, 10 days and counting. I know I'll be busy with painting and cleaning and fixing and arranging and unpacking, so chances are good that food, again, will be an afterthought. I somehow need to put this emotional eating or boredom eating out of my life for good, though. I haven't quite figured out how to do that, yet.

My friend suggested "Women, Food, and God" by Geneen Roth. I guess it was on Oprah and it's been a "life changing book" for many women who cry into their almond m&m's. (or something) I might check it out. I just know that I need to do something to get off of this roller coaster, and I know that my health, skin and emotional well-being will all thank me.

For now, wine and Party Mix are my current best friends, however will power and I seem to have parted ways.

I need an intervention, stat.


  1. Hey, i have a quick fix....just opt for a surgery then you'll find yourself 8lbs down in under two weeks! However, There's some nasty compromises, such as not being able to move, suffering through days of pain, bed sores, nausea, pain med headaches and the list goes on. On second thought, I like your plan better. My plan sucks!

  2. We are SO the same person. lol I absolutely could have written this post. I've read Women, Food and God and some of it definitely resounded with me. I was kind of missing the fact that I'm as much of an emotional eater as I am. It's a work in progress....

  3. I bought that book too, food and wine is my therapy... so many women are like us, I guess that's why there's books about us. I've lost and gained 10 pounds for about 20 years now! Ugh. My motivation is very flighty, I chaulk it up to stress.