Thursday, September 30, 2010

Who Are The Adults, Here?

Today is our moving day and along with that comes a lot of different stresses. Obviously, the one at the forefront involves signing away large chunks of cash and meeting with lawyers and movers and everyone in between.

As I was leaving yet another appointment, I felt a little overwhelmed by my....adulthood? I mean, when the heck did THIS happen?

Seriously, sometimes I look at Facebook and see all of these faces of "kids" I went to school with and I'm a little freaked out!!! Some of them are doing really BIG jobs (like the ones raising kids!!) and are CEO's of companies or are responsible for things, well, that I'd never want to be in charge of making decisions about! Even the thought that some of these folks are shaping young minds scares me a little, given how I knew them back when. Oh...they shaped minds alright!!!

It's honestly boggling to me that time has passed so quickly and here we all are with kids, careers, bills and plans for retirement. In my mind, and I say this with the caveat that I'm an ultra responsible type, I'm still about twenty years old. It seems, in some ways, like going through the motions of what it means to be an adult and the decisions and responsibilities that entails, when inside I feel no different despite some 15+ odd years.

I can picture us all still, with our tapered Levi's cords and Tretorn runners, bangs hairsprayed within an inch of our lives. In my minds eye, it seems like yesterday we were hanging out and having drinks and talking about our dreams and hopes for the future. Hopefully, for most of us, many of those came true.

It makes me a bit sad to think that time moves so swiftly, often without us even noticing it's passage. I totally understand now when my Mom says that she looks in the mirror at 65 and wonders who the heck it is staring back at her because she, too, feels in her 20's on the inside.

Maybe today I'll bust out some old skool tunes and crank the volume real loud. I can still do a mean Running Man, and why not? You're only as old as you feel!!!

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