Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Well, It Started Off Good...

Yesterday, I woke up to sunshine and almost all of the snow totally gone! I felt a little spring in the air, and it caused a little spring in my step! I was totally exhausted from not sleeping much the night before (I'll get to that at a later date!) but I felt like I could accomplish just about ANYTHING.

I got up, got the kids out the door for school, and set off to work. I stripped the beds, put fresh linens on and threw in the load of laundry. From there, I set to cleaning the bathrooms. It was 9am and I was way ahead of my game plan.

I slapped on my sneakers and jumped on the treadmill to do Week 3 of my C25K. As I was running along, my phone started ringing. I slowed down quickly once I saw that it was the school.

My youngest wasn't feeling great and wanted to come home. She said her stomach hurt a little and her throat was a bit sore. I figured by the time I got there it would be lunch, and that only left two hours of school. So, I asked her if she could stick it out. She said she didn't have a fever and she really wanted to come home, but she'd try.

I hung up and finished my run and jumped in the shower. The whole time, I'm feeling like the most rotten Mom, ever. What kind of Mom leaves their kid at school??
But, I did.

She came home on the bus, and other than the raspy voice, seemed pretty fine. I kept her home today just in case. She is definitely hoarse, but otherwise, seems no worse for wear.

As for my day today? Ya, I haven't got much done at all. I had warned her that I had some computer related things to do like bills, blog, rescheduling a hair appointment, responding to emails. She said she'd just be resting so it would be okay. The resting? Not so much.

Here's a sample exchange between us, as an example.

Me: Hey, stop singing so much! Your throat is going to be really sore!

Her: Mommy, singing is the only thing that helps me GET through my day!

A few moments later?

Her: My throat really hurts now.


That folks, has been my day. So, looks like my plans are pushed back a day and I'll be doubling up on my old "to do" list, tomorrow. I'm sorry if this post seems disjointed today, but I have a little smokers voice behind me belting out some Taylor Swift tunes.

How's YOUR week looking?


  1. Hehe!! Bless her heart - the singing is the only thing that gets her through, awe...on the subject of "to do" lists, mine always gets pushed back. I just realized from looking at your twitter acct that you are in Halifax...my brother lives there and we will be up for my cousin's wedding in May. Can't wait!!

  2. Hey Sarah! Thanks for the follow! :)
    She loveeess singing. If she's not singing, she's chatting nonstop. LOL
    Halifax is beautiful-loving it so far! A wedding in May will be gorgeous!