Friday, June 3, 2011

June, I Love You Man!

So. June.

It's a crazy month where everything is wrapping up and there's a hundred (okay, maybe not a HUNDRED but..) concerts, recitals, birthdays and field trips. That means there is a lot of spending as well for parties and gifts and parting gifts. (See what I did there? I know, clever)

In the spirit of needing to put things down in writing and just to make you see how entirely crazy June is in general, I have decided that today's blog will be a rundown of my activities for the month. You can thank me later.

Good news about June? She's a busy one, but girl likes to PARTAY!

Tonight, my eldest daughter is going to a birthday party. I got the invite yesterday, so we have to actually go grab a gift tonight and then drop her off.

Tomorrow, I get to escape my life as a domestic goddess and hit the town with my friends! We are having a potluck at a friend's house with wine tasting, much laughing, and maybe even some planking. If you are out of the loop about the newest fad-go look up planking on google. I'll wait.....

Sunday rehearsal for dance recital. This is for my kids dancing, by the way. In case you were wondering.

Are you still with me here? That was just THIS weekend so hold on to your hats!

Next week is a Parent Info night at the school, I'm attending a cocktail party (not in lieu of the school thing! I got my priorities on right!), the girls have dancing, a dude is coming to clean our furnace and my youngest is going to a birthday party. I'm also meeting up with friends, again, to go and prepare 6 meals at What's For Supper. You pick your meals and they have stations with everything prepped. You throw it all together and bring it home ready to freeze and pull out later. Cool, or what? I'll let ya know! We are then heading to Starbucks to meet another friend to get our coffee on.

Week three now......I go and FINALLY get a haircut and colour. If you could see my hair right now, you'd see the desperate need. I've never been to this salon though, so that makes me kind of nervous. So, I guess this day could go either way, really. The girls then go to their last dance class which means a gift for their teacher. I forgot to mention that I'm also attending an hour Zumba class twice a week, followed by an hour Yoga class. I burn a crazy amount of calories on those days-which I also promptly try to eat back. It's an issue. The weekend brings us to Father's Day, which of course means I also have some shopping to do during the week for his special day. Part of his celebrating will be attending our girls recital. Yay!

The next week is where it gets SUPER exciting. My Mom is flying in!!! Can I get a woot woot!!! She arrives on Tuesday, and I've already informed her that she BEST be bringing me some egg rolls. I'm SO over the mushy centered ones here. Of course, I'm MORE excited about my Mom being here than the egg rolls, don't get me wrong! Ahem. Then, there's field trips and my daughter's birthday party. Oh, and I need to get the kids' teachers gifts. Crap.

Finally, we're at the last week of June. This involves concerts and graduations, more field trips and finally......VACATION for my girls. I can't wait!

This month is one crazy rush of activities and events, of fun and of milestones.

I cannot wait for each and every one of them! (I'll also delight in crossing them off my list with a red pen. I told you! Issues!)

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