Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Has Spring FINALLY Sprung?

We had another great weekend, this time taking our travels to "the Valley" as they call it here. Of course, I grew up in Ottawa-which has a totally different valley but a valley nonetheless.
We went to see the sights, but also because it was Apple Blossom Festival time.

We headed out on Sunday, so we had missed the parade and fireworks and all that good stuff. We went instead to a tiny little fair that had events like firefighter bucket filling, pony rides and face painting. It was pretty small and low key, but my daughter was thrilled to get a balloon animal and we all had ice cream cones afterwards. That's always a win!

Best part of the whole excursion was just seeing the beauty all around us. We stopped at Blomidon Look Off and (according to my tour guide and friend Tammi) there you can see four counties! It was pretty spectacular! Thanks to my daughter, I also got to see the inside of an outhouse. Sigh.

It ended up being WAY hotter out than we had expected, and we were all quite depleted after just being outside for a few moments. Clearly, we need to build a tolerance to the strange warmth emanating from the sky.

That heat continued into today and gave me a real boost in energy! I did laundry, added another coat of paint to a bench for my daughter, cleaned the carpet on the stairs where a Smoothie Explosion took place, put away all of our winter gear, and mowed the lawn. I accomplished everything on my "list" today and all by noon. It's funny how the sun can just make you feel like getting off your butt and tackling some "To Do's."

I'm off to Zumba again tonight, and I hope that there is air conditioning in there! Otherwise, I may melt completely-who knew I'd be saying THAT any time soon!

Better late than never! Welcome, Spring!

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