Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Anyone Need A Girl Friday?

I hate to be a cliche but I seriously feel like I've hit some midlife crisis phase. I'm rockin out in so many ways,  but there's just something lacking and I need to find a satisfactory solution.

Physically-I'm feeling great. I'm working out, I'm doing things I love, I'm trying new things and I'm pretty impressed with my almost 40 year old self.

Emotionally, I've come to terms with many obstacles in my life and I'm choosing to ignore things that distract me from peace and happiness. The old sentiment about others bringing negativity to your door, but you have to open it to let them in is very true. I'm choosing to close the door. What I don't know or hear about can't affect me, so even if my every move and interest is stalked from here to eternity-I just won't even know about it. That's a HUGE leap in the right direction. Close and deadbolt. I'm changing and growing every day, and while there's constantly work to be done and anxieties to deal with, I'm doing the work and I'm becoming who I want to be and who I've always seen myself as being.

The problem boils down to work wise. I am VERY passionate about being home with and for my kids. On the other hand, some cash flow wouldn't hurt. I went to school for Early Childhood Education and graduated with Honours on the Dean's List. I LOVE kids and find them fascinating. All of that being said, after 10+ years with home daycare and raising my girls, I'm sort of feeling like I need a change. The problem is that-I still want to be home mornings to see the kids off to school, and by the afternoon to pick them up from school.

To get out of the house and find a job with other adults might be difficult with a 9-2pm availability. I don't drive, so I need somewhere relatively close that I can travel to quickly. None of these things, obviously, would be a "career" but I'm okay with that. I've actually never really been ambitious career wise. It just wasn't on my "needs" list.  I've always wanted to be a Mom and have a family. That's kind of actually it, that's all.

After being out of the work force, even in daycare centers, my resume is pretty slim as well. I don't even know if I'd know how to operate a fax machine or copier of "today." How sad is that? The good news is-I'm a quick study and I work diligently and am reliable. Plus, if you've worked with 20 year olds? I'd think many would rather someone with a bit of maturity.

I've looked at jobs from home and frankly, are any of them NOT scams? They seem like they'd be the perfect fit-but I don't even know where to start or which are on the up and up and would be worth my time!

I could look into getting a few more kids again, but I really don't know if my heart is in that endeavour. So, I need to find something, and sooner rather than later, while I puzzle out the rest, but again, it needs to fit my time frame.

Anyone have any leads? Do you know of any work at home type jobs that are actually paying and not soul sucking? Do you know of anywhere hiring for a 9-2 type of shift coverage? I'm not too proud to do just about anything-in fact-I've been considering overnight store shelf stocking just so that I'm at least home during the daytime hours!

I'm not looking for a career here....I don't have the desire to go back to school and spend thousands to start anew. I just want something to help my family out, to give me an outlet besides home life, and that works to keep my kids lives as similar as they've always known to now.

Any thoughts, ideas, or job offers will be considered! :)


  1. have you looked at any job openings for the Running Rooms in the area? I think a gig there might be fun, or check out Bushtukah, even MEC, other such types of stores (and may fit into your time frame requirements). Active sporty you would be a good fit, and you might find it really, really fun to talk about something you have found passion for.

  2. I know its not glamorous but McDonalds loves people like you.