Tuesday, October 30, 2012

October's Challenge And Headspace

That's me right there, running my first 10k race, this past weekend, at the Ottawa Rattle Me Bones. As I laid out on here before, my goal for this year is to do something every month leading up to 40 that is new to me, that scares me or challenges me, or that is just plain good for my soul.

In the month of October? I killed it! I not only did ONE thing to accomplish my goal, I upped the ante and did a few!

I signed up for the 10k without any real trepidation of being able to cover the distance. My Running Club has been awesome in ensuring that I'm out running every week, but we've also steadily increased the distance week to week so I had already covered the mileage more than once. The thing that made me nervous was all of the "extra" pieces. The whole week leading up to the 10k I wasn't feeling well. I had (and still have!) a horrible head cold that left me fatigued, stuffy and with an awful headache. On top of the physical discomfort, the weather was also rainy and cold. I didn't sleep well the night before the race, but no matter, I was going out there and I was going to give it my best shot!

It was by no means my fastest time, and I think I could definitely better that side of the equation. That being said, I'm not really hung up on that aspect. I don't think I'll EVER be the fastest runner, but I'm also not the slowest, which is good enough for me. More importantly, I DID it. My "Bucket List" has always said "Do a 5k" and I frankly thought THAT would be impossible. The idea that I've accomplished the 5k and added a 10k distance a month later is mind boggling to me! I'm not going to quibble over a few minutes.

I also attended my first heated yoga this month! My awesome group of fit, active friends attend a "Yin Yoga" class every Friday evening. It's in a heated room and is the perfect wind down to the week. The Yoga studio has a fantastic 30 day unlimited deal, so I signed up and went with them last week.

I was more nervous about heated yoga than I was about running the 10k! I was worried I might faint or get dizzy, toot or who knows what else! None of the above happened, by the way. It was absolutely relaxing and wonderful. I came home and had a nice half glass of wine and felt totally Zen.(did I mention that Yoga Club led to the discussion of  Wine Club?) I'll be going every Friday night to use up my pass, as well as Mondays to a Runner's Yoga. I haven't checked that one out yet, and of course I'm already stressing it, but I'm sure it'll feel as amazing as Yin.

Finally, I've signed on to do a 6 class "Swordplay" course with my friend Jay. The classes involve learning traditional sword skills, dagger skills, rapier and grappling. Three of the instruction days will be in a private class setting, and then three with a group. It was a Groupon offer, so Jay and I have until August to use it and I think we are looking at Spring.

Lastly, I'm signed up at Goodlife and will be trying out new fitness classes and maybe even some spinning as my "new and scary" challenges for November! My sister also got a membership so hopefully we'll be kicking some butt and learning some new things together while we work to get our fitness on! It usually results in lots of laughs as well, so I'm sure we'll make whatever it is we endeavour into fun!

I'm still trying to find some balance in here with work, life, fitness, food. My fitness has been high on the awesome scale, while my food has been on the lower end. I'm going to try and refocus that aspect throughout this next month. I'm lucky that I've been able to have the time this year to seek out these fitness goals and challenges, but I also am aware of time with my family and friends and making sure that I "do it all," (if that's even possible) and that no part of my all gets sacrificed. It's certainly more tricky than I imagined. Lastly, I need to bring work and spirit more front and center. I feel like I'm spinning a mile a minute most days but I'm avoiding those pieces, consciously and not. I guess, if I psychoanalyze, it's because those are the two parts of this whole that I'm least sure about and that have a less clear vision surrounding my future.

The work continues.


  1. I suggest trying out the CX Worx class. It was really great, and a short duration (1/2 hr). I have also enjoyed the Body Flow.

    You are a natural runner, and i am so excited for you to have achieved a 10k race! I have signed up for Resolution Run and I am nervous about covering the distance. I am so thankful our running club will be able to help with my confidence.

    Where are you taking the Swordplay? What kind of swordplay? I have a former co-worker who is into SCA and he is a classicly trained fencer, but is getting into rapier and such. Careful! Before you know it, you'll be ordering armour! :) Sounds like lots of fun. Good for you.

    1. Cx Worx is on my list! I have to go one night with you and Katie and the gang! I like to look a fool in a group! LOL

      Natural runner? Bwahahaha. Oh, I don't think so! But I definitely keep plugging away and I love that Run Club has totally inspired me and spurred me onwards! You are SO ready and are totally going to kick butt at the Resolution Run!!

      The Swordplay...I'm not sure the name. It was a groupon Jay found. (of course lol) It involves "authentic" swordplay style, rapiers, grappling, daggers....Should be hilarious and a good skill to have in my repertoire. Mwahahahahha

  2. You rock, sistah! Kudos to you for getting out there and doing it! Wish I could high five you in person but will have to go with the virtual one.

    1. One day Sharon! I'd love to get a real high five!:) Thanks for your ongoing support, it truly means a lot to me!