Thursday, October 18, 2012

New Year, New Me, New Hair And Tats?

I've spent the last year working on really trying to put the puzzle pieces together about who I am and where I see myself going. Consequently, I've changed my lifestyle quite significantly, and in turn, it's altered my self perception and my confidence. I've been embracing the ideology of "just go for it" and have attempted to take many "leaps" even though, by nature, I'm not really the leaping type.

My husband, alternately to most males it seems, loves short hair. I shouldn't say "short hair" as such, but he loves "different" and edgy. He's been bugging me to cut my hair shorter for quite awhile now. He loves my long, messy hair as well-just the other night telling me his fav hairstyle on me is my bed head, but he'd definitely be in to me going for a whole new look than the one I've had pretty much for...forever.

I've been pinning some cuts that I like, and trying to give myself the courage to just "Go For It."  This would be a mega, huge, crazy change, so it's a bit scary! I'm thinking I just need to make the appointment and go before I can back out. Then again, maybe I need to let it simmer and decide how much I really want to do this!

Here's an idea of a cut I like. It's Posh and frankly, that chick can rock any 'do so I don't really think it's a fair comparison!

Next up on the 'ol Bucket List has been a tattoo. I've been talking about getting a tattoo forever and a day. Again, I've been pinning some ideas that inspire me, that I like the personal meaning, and that might look good, you know, forever imprinted on my flesh! I've waited a long time for a tat, so once again, this may be a "close your eyes and just do it!" kind of thing!

I'm thinking some appointments might be getting made in the not so distant future!

Right now, I'm just pinning away and dreaming and planning and scheming.

It's a whole new me emerging from this cocoon and making changes in how I look and feel is pushing me to spread these wings and fly.


  1. I love that you're beginning to flourish in new and limit stretching ways. Exploring new boundaries and taking steps towards previously scary waters.

    I think a cut would give you a whole new feeling. My hubby prefers my hair at the length it is now also. I will tell you that while it feels different to not hide behind hair any longer it also gives you an incredible boost of confidence, draws focus to your face and makes you feel sassy and sexier. I love that cut and it is similar to mine. Easy to manage and funky!

    I'm also in the tattoo contemplation head space. I have been thinking about it for 5 years and had made it a weightloss treat years back but then had the boys so didn't get to that milestone to mark it. Perhaps I'll throw it back in the pot for thought.

    Whatever you choose to do, decide to do it with gusto and don't look back. You won't regret the decisions and you'll wonder why you held off so long. :-)

    1. Thanks Tammi! It's so scary changing things that become part of our identity, isn't it? Who knew "hair" would be such a significant comfort? I've done a lot of leaping this year...I'm seriously curious to what the future will have me doing next! :)

  2. I just recently did a very similar cut (overall shorter though) and I am LOVING it. Every person (seriously, almost every person) who has seen me at work has stopped me just to say how much they love it. A few people (including a man!) said how slimming it makes my face, my eyes are popping out and I agree with Tammi, it gives you an extra boost of confidence. It looks stylish and someone told me it took 5 years off my face (hey, why not 10? ;)

    Anyways, making a physical change feels fantastic. Scary to do it, but you will NOT regret it.

    1. Well, ya but have you SEEN your eyes?? I mean-beautiful! :) Physical change that has been a blanket of sorts for years definitely is a scary one!

  3. girl - it's just hair! it'll grow back. I say do it and post-haste! I've worn my hair in the Posh styles for years - they are so fun, funky and easy peasy. I think you'll love it! as far as the tattoo...fair warning. they are addicting :) I'm loving this confidence you're projecting and all the new leaves you're overturning. go, sista!

    1. Thanks T! I know you've got my (tattoo'ed or not) back no matter what! :)