Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Workout Wear (ie not looking hideous while already looking hideous!)

The time has come where I need to actually go out and buy some semi-decent workout wear. I've been putting it off and putting it off because, really, I haven't really needed any besides what I had. It was warm weather, I own plenty of shorts and t-shirts!

Now, however, the cooler weather is upon us and I have nothing to wear for outdoor workouts. Couple in to that factor that most everything I own is about two sizes too big ain't pretty.

I'd like to get a pair of running tights and another long sleeve shirt or two. I think I can make my windproof jacket that I already own work with something warm underneath. I'd also like to get a tank or two for when I'm at the gym and indoors doing things like yoga or spin. I've never actually DONE spin, but it's "on the list."

It wouldn't hurt to also get a sports bra or two since mine is also now too loosey goosey and even though it's tightened as much as it can go, it's still not quite as supportive as I'd like. Are there any recommendations for an awesome, supportive sports bra that also makes your boobs look hot as hell? Lift and separate! Suggestions welcome!

Did you know that workout wear is RIDICULOUSLY expensive? I even avoid Lulu and still find it nuts! I refuse to pay that much for stuff that I just sweat in!

The most expensive purchase is also looming....runners. I hate buying running shoes for a thousand reasons, but the cost is right up there at the top. I got some Saucony's last year that I LOVE (green and blue for the win!) but they pinch my toes when I run and that doesn't feel great on 10k! My husband bought them for me while on a business trip to the US and he got them in my size (a 7-which frankly, good on him for knowing that!) but for running I think I need to go up a half size so that when my feet swell a little I'm not pushing on the edge. As we speak, I've got a black toe nail. It's cool and sick at the same time!

Lastly, I want a Fitbit or a Polar HRM really, really badly. I'd like to know the calorie burn for reals, as opposed to MyFitnessPal calculations, and where I am working in my target heart rate. The Fitbit is even more cool, because it also tells you how you are sleeping-how many times you woke up or tossed and turned, how long you were in REM sleep etc. I've mentioned on here a bazillion times before that sleep and I are not such a good couple. If I had a cool gadget though? C'MON!

I can't spend hundreds of dollars all at once on this stuff, so I'm going to have to buy a little here and there and prioritize my needs. It's hard enough to look half decent while purple faced and drenched in sweat, but I think it's time to lose the baggy, hanging clothes and step into something a little more funky, a little more spandex, and a little more practical.


  1. I get all my everyday workout wear at Wal-Mart. Seriously! Its comfy, not expensive. My pink jacket that I wore a couple of weeks ago to Run Club is Wal-Mart. My capris are all Wal-mart and have lasted all summer. Athletic socks are sold in packs of 20.

    I swear by Wonderbra CoolMax sports bras. Also at Wal-Mart.

    Bushtukah also has good prices for more technical wear. Check out their clearance rack for good deals on stuff that would normally cost a lot more. They also have better prices than Running Room for things like gloves, toques, ear warmers, that sort of thing.

    We also go to Bushtukah for our run shoes now. Expert advice, better price, and they will bring in something they normally don't stock with no requirement to purchase if you don't like them.

    1. I need more "gear" but I'm reluctant to drop very much cash. I need some warmer running stuff for winter, but I'm going to see if I can "make do" with things I have for now. I hate taking the plunge for my first season, though I know sometimes gear makes the difference in loving something or hating it. Decisions, decisions!