Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Revamping And Re-Emerging

I've been trying to make some decisions the last little while, in case you've noticed my absence! Part of the deciding was what to do about the blog and about privacy and about where it all goes from here and what I want to do with it all.

I've had some issues with the blog and some of the readers who don't "follow," but do, if you get my meaning. It caused me enough emotional drama that I decided to shut 'er down for a bit. While this was all still swirling in my mind, I also had the ongoing debate about what this blog means to me personally, my plans for it in the year(s) to come, and how I want to totally revamp it to not just look like a cookie cutter "blogger" blog, but actually have my personal stamp on it's design as well as its' content.

I can't let random weirdos intent on copying my every move stop me from having this space. I'm just stubborn enough that I won't let that happen. It's MY life. It's MY blog. If they can't go out and get their own ideas and their own life, that's not my problem.

So, here I am.

The redesign is still very much on the forefront for me. I just need to work with somebody who actually, you know, knows how to do that. My addy might change, it may not. You may find me elsewhere. At this point, it's a work in progress but I'll keep you up to date.

We find ourselves in October now! OCTOBER! Is it just me or did September zoom by in the blink of an eye? Thanksgiving is around the corner, I have friends visiting from out of town, and family as well. It's going to be another fast and furious month!

Don't think I forgot about my monthly challenge as I jump into my last year of being in my thirties, either. I have plans for October that as usual scare me, challenge me, but will undoubtedly make me feel proud too.

Thanks for sticking with me. I hope you'll follow the journey as it changes and ebbs and flows and grows and wanes, replicating a life being lived in full.


  1. I struggle with that too. I used to blog much more openly, but it came back and bit me on the butt, having my family's privacy and peace invaded. I ended up shutting that blog down, and not blogging for awhile.

    The threat was minimal, and dealt with easily, thank God.

    But, I started my wordpress blog when my son was a bit older, just no real names, no identifiable pictures on the site (for now). We shall see... So far, so good, and it is very therapeutic.

  2. awesome, T! so PROUD of you!! you're totally right - your life, your blog, your path - scary, challenging steps and all. it makes you stronger and even more unbelievable and impressive. you rock a lot and stuff :)