Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A Little Bit Of This And That

There seems to be so much going on right now around me, and it's both exciting and a bit nerve wracking at the same time. So here's the update on all of that news around my tiny, little life.

My neighbour and friend is due with her third child on Saturday. She's nearing the homestretch, and we all know how that can be. She's tired and drained and while a bit anxious about what needs to happen to get this child into the world, she's ready. She has two beautiful little daughters at home that still need Mommy, and it's taking a toll. So today, my Mom is here visiting, and being the kind of lady that she is, made my friend a big pan of lasagna. I had made an Italian panzanella (bread salad) and we carted it over to her door. The gratitude was almost overwhelming. She said that one gesture had changed the entire tone of her day, and she was brimming into tears. I told her we had actually put some secret "stuff" in there that would bring the baby out, so here's hoping. I picked tomorrow as the day he'd be born as well. Guess we'll see if Mom's Lasagna does the trick!

Our girls soccer season ended this week as well, with my eldest daughters playoff game on Monday night. They played a hard season, but couldn't seem to get the wins they had enjoyed in their championship season last year. They didn't make it to the finals this year, but man they played fast and strong. My daughters skills improved tenfold, and her coaches (the same from last year) are two amazing, wonderful men. I'm a competitive person by nature, but when it comes to my children and sport-it's really not what I put the focus on. I don't want them to be the types of people that don't enjoy the game because it's only at the price of winning or being the "best" at it. I want them to enjoy the sport, the teamwork, and just being out there. Winning is definitely the icing on the cake, but it's not the reason to play. I'll never be the parent you see writing about my kids many achievements, academic or athletic, to any degree other than "they did great." We celebrate them for sure, and encourage them to always try their hardest. We recognize where their talents lie, but we believe in fostering all of their interests. Not just the things they excel in. But I truly believe the best attitude is one of humility and respect and good sportsmanship.

Today was haircut day to prepare for the upcoming school year! They both just wanted a trim and some long layers. I was super ticked to find them coming home with just the trim. My husband had taken them and told the lady what they wanted. I don't know if she misunderstood or what happened, but they didn't really even look like they got their hair cut! No word of a lie, I've been on youtube looking up how to cut long layers. I don't dare attempt it, for fear my kids look like they were attacked by Edward Scissorhands. It seriously ticks me off given the amount paid for two children's haircuts though. I told my husband and daughters they should go back to the salon and ask for the layers that aren't there, that they had originally requested, but I was met with expressions of horror. So, no layers I guess til next haircut.

School begins on Tuesday and for me, that's New Year's Day. I still live my life it seems by the school year calendar. The first day of school signals a new start for me, every year. The end of the year is the last day of school, and summer is the holiday season. Yes, I'm a nerd of epic proportions. We aren't completely ready, in my mind. We have the first day outfits and the new backpacks and lunch bags and all of that. Where I currently reside, in younger grades, you don't have to provide ANY supplies. Crazy, eh? I used to get a page long list of things I needed to buy. Here, it's indoor shoes and a box of Kleenex. My older daughter needs a calculator and math set, but again, that's about it. I've got the shoes covered, as well as the calculator and math set from last year, but I still need some pencil cases and I'll still likely get a few supplies anyways. I can't seem to fathom starting school without them.

This new year also sees my girls attending a new school. They've put the two Early Immersion schools together in one new "super school." I'm hoping it's a good change. It's going to be a lot more children than they are used to, and it will cover JK-Grade 8. I imagine the first week will be ironing out many glitches, hopefully not at my kids' expense! Their new bus ride is also now, brace yourselves here, ONE HOUR long. The school is oh, 5 minutes up the road? I've complained about this to the school and transportation boards and they said they've received many complaints and are looking into it but it will take a few weeks to see how the new route goes. Uh huh. How about NOT trying to cover three areas on ONE bus? I don't see how they think four and five year olds are going to be able to sit that long, without bladder or behaviour issues. I was told that 60 minutes is actually the provincial guideline. I told them that this needs to be looked at on a provincial level then because whomever made up that little tidbit clearly had no child development training. And don't get me started on the headache this is going to create for the bus drivers in terms of behaviour management. It's not like we are coming from a rural area to an urban one. Nope. Again, 5 minutes away. Sigh. My children are the first stop on, and the last stop off, as well.

I'm hoping with the start of school to get back into the swing of things in terms of a routine. I need to set a schedule for working out again, for meal times, and to register and plan around activities for the children. I also have a lot of little projects around the house that need doing, which I couldn't do over the summer with children underfoot. I'll have nap time with the daycare children to try and tackle some of those "honey-do" lists.

My husband has also had the hint dropped that we might be looking at a move, again. They had initially said to be prepared in the February or March time frame. Then it was asked if we'd be ready in 30-60 days. Now, it seems the spring time frame is being mentioned again. It could all turn out to be nothing, but for now, I'm preparing myself for the possibility. I'm not someone who does well with change, in general, so the additional time to wrap my mind around it is welcome. The thing with my husbands job is, you never know WHERE or WHEN. For a control freak like me, that's anxiety inducing! And it's difficult to live with one foot here and one foot preparing to go. I try to look at it as an exciting opportunity, and being outgoing as I am, I know I'll be fine and make a ton of friends wherever I am, so I don't worry about that aspect. My concern is more for my children and what effects the moving will have on their lives. Not everyone is as adaptable to picking up and leaving as my husband can be, so it's necessary for me to pave the way for them.

And it's another reason to get to those little projects! You can't procrastinate when you have a deadline!

I'm off to check the moon phases for tonight. Hopefully, a new little life will be brought into the world by tomorrow!

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