Friday, August 14, 2009

A Study In Contrasts

Here is a classic indicative example of how my girls are very different personality wise.

The other day, one of the little neighbour girls told my eldest daughter that she didn't like her sister, my youngest. Now, this little girl comes to my door about fifteen times in the space of two hours asking for my youngest to come out and play. This day, she was with the "older" girls and my youngest with playing with someone else.

My eldest then TOLD my youngest what the little girl had said. The indignation that followed was quite a sight to see. My eldest begged her sister to calm down and told her she wished she had never mentioned it.

Fast forward to last night. The doorbell rings, again. We see through the window that it's the little neighbour girl. My youngest says she's going to ask why she said that about her, and my eldest begs her not to and that she's going to embarrass them all!

My youngest stomps to the door, wings it open, and says, "So. I heard you said you don't like me. So why are you at my door???" My eldest hightails it up the stairs and basically hides because she's so mortified!!!!

That's my girls. One is not at all confrontational and will do whatever she can to avoid it. The other is right there in your face. They've both been that way since birth. Those personality traits were not learned.

The girl's answer, by the way? "I DO like you! I DO! Really! I was just being silly!"
Really, there's no other way to dare answer with a near six year old glaring you down with her hands on her hips, daggers in her eyes and fire in her soul.

And the neighbour girl is a full year and bit OLDER than said almost 6 year old. She's THAT fierce.

And I love it! (well, except when it's aimed my way!)


  1. That is too funny. One of our neighborhood girls told my daughter she wasn't her friend anymore and my daughter just looked at her and said that's okay with me, I guess we can just be acquaintances. She is very independent. Gotta love their spirit. I hope mine holds her through high school. From what I hear she is going to need it.

  2. I love her spirit-like I said-when it's not directed at me. LOL I do tell myself that as she becomes a teen and woman-that spirit will serve her well. Let's hope!