Thursday, August 13, 2009

Mutual Appreciation Society

We all like compliments. We all like to feel needed and like our lives have value, to someone, on this Earth. And yet, the simple act of telling someone that you appreciate something they do, or who they are, often gets shoved to the wayside. Why is that?

It's like it's physically painful to put ourselves out there and tell another individual that, "hey, you rock!". I know for me it feels too mushy and oozing with sentiment. Those are things I have difficulty sharing. My soft, gooey center. However, I have no problem encouraging and praising my children.

THEY get told daily how I love their artwork, or how I love them for who they are, just the way they are inside. I tell them that even though they are grumpy, I love that they can come back and apologize. Or that I appreciate the small things they do to make my day and job a little easier.

I find a lot of adults are like that as well. They are comfortable showering their children, heck even their dog, with niceties and words of appreciation, but they certainly don't express those feelings to those other big, non furry, individuals in their lives.

I think if we all took that moment in a day just to say what we're probably thinking but just not saying, the world would be a nicer place in general. You compliment me, I'll want to say something nice back etc etc etc. It's a mutual ego stroking and no harm can come from that when it's done with a pure heart. Imagine if you KNEW that little things you did were noticed and actually warmed another's heart. IMAGINE.

I know there are times every day that I think, "oh that was sweet" or "wow, that person is really generous" or whatever the case may be. Strangers, friends, and family alike, I think it's time to start speaking up when I feel it. It'll make me feel better, it'll make them feel better.

Mutual Appreciation Society. Let's start one, today!

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