Friday, October 9, 2009

Easy Reading

As I'll be departing this evening for the inlaws, I thought I'd leave you with some other great things to read. We are staying "half way" at a hotel tonight, just to break up the trip. We'll swim and shop a bit tomorrow, before heading out for the rest of the drive. We're back Tuesday and that day will be a full day of driving. Saints preserve me. The good news is, I don't have to make a single thing for Thanksgiving dinner. I just get to stuff my face.

So, just so you aren't left wandering aimlessly in the blogosphere, without my great, wonderful blog as your comfort, here are some blogs that I'm currently reading. (and you should too!) She's so hilarious that I often find myself laughing out loud. She blogs about a ton of mommy moments, but she's also socially aware and politically savvy. I've been reading her blog for at least a year now, and I haven't tired of it at all. If you like your parenting with a side of sarcasm-this blog is for you. This blog is written from her dog's perspective, but we all know dogs don't write. (right?) I found her blog on one of my Robbie Williams fan sites. (yes, I'm a huge Robbie Williams fan but not a creepy, stalker type) She's from England but now lives in L.A. with her best friend Paul .(who does the "I can make you thin" tv show that was on, as well as countless other books. He's been on Ellen and helped her quit smoking) She dated Robbie Williams, she attended Simon Cowell's recent huge birthday bash, she pals around (and posts pictures!) with so many famous Brits and Americans that it's like a sneak peak into a fab celeb life, but she's also a thoughtful, insightful human being. I've sent her emails about certain posts and she's written me back each time. I think I've been reading her blog about two years now. Sorry, her dogs blog about two years now. Oh-the dog is "Mr. Big" in case you are wondering. Hence the name. Love, love, love this site. I just caught on to the Pioneer Woman (yes, I live under a rock) and man, I am hooked!!! She's a city girl from L.A. who ate sushi and shopped and grew up with a cardiac surgeon for a father. Then, she met her "Marlboro Man" who is a rancher, and up and packed up her city life to live on a cattle ranch. The blog chronicles her transition and adjustments but so much more. It's really a blog that has a little bit of everything, for everyone. If you like photography-she's got a great section of her pictures as well as ones others have submitted to her. If you like cooking, she's got a whole section of recipes with amazing (and witty) snapshots; from more sophisticated city food to the down home comfort ones. She's even got a cookbook out, so you know she's not just popular with me. Actually, I heard her name mentioned on many blogs I was poking around reading and decided to check her out. She's got a home and garden section as well. There's just tons to read/see/do that I'm usually on that site for hours at a time. No need to mention my lack of a life at this point.

So there ya go, THREE sites to keep you amused for the next 4 days. I know it's not the same as this fantastic blog, but it'll have to do. Go read some posts, and let me know what you thought of them and which blog you liked best!


Oh-and Happy Thanksgiving! Gobble, Gobble!

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